Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Sorting It All Out

I stumbled upon the most interesting blog today!  Authored by an animation school student, the writer (Sombra) focuses considerably on four particular topics: anime and manga, music and art, spirituality, and therianthropy.

Woh – what a range, eh?

In fact, I have to admit my ignorance – I looked up therianthropy and read through a few of Sombra’s posts to get an idea of what this is – it, too, seems to have some sort of connection with spirituality, among other things, in individuals being linked to animals.  Really interesting.  In fact, I found all her posts to be interesting, including some more lengthy musings on spirituality  (here and here).  She has some posts on anime, though it seems Sombra has mostly switched to writing about that topic (and others) on another blog, Fandom Grounds.

What originally drew me to the site was the author’s post on labels.  She’s a unique individuals, and counts herself an otaku, among other things.  Please go check out her site!

Labels and Hatred << Sombra’s “Diary”


5 thoughts on “Spirituality in the Anime Blogosphere: Sorting It All Out

  1. Must admit I was surprise to find another blogger linked to my stuff. x3

    I just separated out the anime stuff from every thing heavy ’cause it just seemed like a better thing to do. I don’t really write about anime as it relates to spirituality. I generally write about either or.

    And therianthropy’s really hard to explain and understand. I barely understand it even though I use the label. Most people think of it as spiritual. I tend to be one of the few who doesn’t.

    Thanks for linking to my pages! 🙂

    1. I was really glad to find your blog – I didn’t get a chance to read beyond a few entries, but I really enjoyed the posts I did read. I’ll definitely be returning to read more of your thoughts.

      I’m especially interested in therianthropy. I’ll admit, it sounds kooky to me at first glance, but I think reading some of your thoughts on the topic, and understanding that you’re an intelligent person just by through your writings, really adds credence to the topic. I’ll be revisiting your blog particularly to learn more about this idea and your experience with it.

      1. Thank you!

        Yeah…even I’ll admit that therianthropy can really sound insane (and I’m fairly convinced that it is…though apparently if you’re convince that you’re crazy that means you’re not crazy…that doesn’t make sense but oh well). I don’t think I’ve really written that much about it because I’m not always the best at explaining things so I don’t really go into details beyond what I personally experience.

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