Japanese Missions: Catching Up with Yuki-Anne and the Mikoskis

I’ve been blessed to have featured the words of two wonderful missionaries to Japan here on the blog.  Yuki-Anne has reflected on her first days in Japan, as well as on the days following the last Spring’s devastating earthquake.  Michelle Mikoski has spent time in Japan as a missionary with her husband and two young sons; she graciously gave an interview for the blog a while back.

Here are the latest happenings for Yuki-Anne and the Mikoskis, in their own words:

The Mikoskis
Another school year has come both in Rockwell, NC and Higashi Kurume, Tokyo. As you may know, we had set a deadline to return to Japan with SEND and CRASH that coincided with the beginning of the school year. We have reached that time and God has seen fit not to allow us to return to Japan at this time, so it is with sorrow that we will begin the process of resigning from SEND International. While we are sad to not be going, we are at the same time aware that God is sovereign. As Acts 17:26 tells us, God has chosen the time and the boundaries of where we live as we seek Him above all else. We trust Him and are seeking to glorify Him foremost in what ever comes next.

What comes next?

We don’t have a clue! We will be praying through our options and are free to go anywhere to do anything He allows! We are praying about:

  • Going to Japan in another context.
  • Planting a church somewhere in the US.
  • Staying here in Rockwell, NC and investing in the lives of those here.
We are open to any opportunities that are presented to us!

You can find more about the Mikoskis on their website.

I just finished a four week English Summer School program with my church. In the middle of that, I had a full week off for Obon. Since there’s not much to do out in the country, where I live, I spent that week in Tokyo volunteering with CRASH, helping them with office work. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and one encouraging thing is that there are still a lot of teams coming in from abroad to help with the relief and recovery efforts.

I also play guitar at my regular church, and lead worship Sunday nights at another, smaller church in a nearby town. This week I resume my regular class schedule. I’ve been here for over a year now, and in spite of everything that’s happened, I wouldn’t trade my life here in Japan for anything.

Beneath the Tangles will keep you up to date with these wonderful workers.  In the meantime, I encourage you to pray for Yuki-Anne and for the Mikoskis.


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