Madoka Surgical Girl and Pre-Op Usagi Drop

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45 in the morning.  I took a shower and went through my morning ritual.  I then got into my car and proceeded to drive to a surgical hospital on the west side of town.  I was scheduled to have a minor surgery at 7:00am to remove a cyst on my neck.

I’d had a slightly more major surgery (elective) last year, so I wasn’t terribly concerned about this one.  But the preparation for this surgery was more thorough, and I became more on edge as the time passed by.  IV fluids (two pricks were necessary because first one didn’t take, BLAH), open gowns, and simple waiting all increased my nervousness.  As I waited, I prayed (I do this before, during, and after any major ordeal [at least major for my life]), mostly to the tune of “God, please let this surgery be as minor as it’s supposed to be.”

Madoka Magica
Madoka is confident that I'll make it through alright (Art by Aちき@あちきに固定)

I also looked at the two patients opposite me – both children.  One was a precious baby boy (maybe about one in age) with his mom and dad.  The other was a cute little blond girl with her mother.  You know what I thought?  Usagi Drop.  Cute kids.

I was also encouraged.  These two children were also undergoing minor procedures and they and their parents must’ve been frightened.  Yet, the kids were doing very well, especially for early in the morning in a cold, scary environment.  (Note: the two ended up coming out of surgery before me and were fine).

When everything was read, a nurse came to take me to the OR.  As the gurney rolled toward the surgery room, I felt like I was in ER or Grey’s Anatomy – kind of surreal.

Finally, we made it to the room.  Again, very strange – I was kind of buckled to the operating table.  Tubes and various equipment were placed on me, and worst of all, my face was basically covered up.  It made breathing difficult.  I felt like a mummy, but strangely enough, was far more relaxed than I was in pre-op.

The doctor inserted the anesthetic needle into my neck and a few minutes later, as I heard the doctor snipping and felt him tugging (my image now – not at that time – is of that Shiki episode 14), I was strangely relaxed.  One reason is that this surgery was painless and much more comfortable than the one I had the year before.  Secondly, my mind drifted to…you got it, Madoka Magica.

I dunno why I thought of the dark magical series while I was waiting for surgeon to finish.  No particular thoughts entered my mind – just mostly images of Madoka and Sayaka in particular.  Could I have been subconsciously putting an image to God or Jesus?  Was I remembering, from the transoms of my mind, that Madoka was  a Christ figure to Homura?  Was I moving toward the light?

Not likely.  I think I just wanted to focus on the show’s pretty colors.

Anyway, about 30 minutes later, I put on my clothes, walked out the facility, and drove myself home.  My son rushed to me and insisted I put a band-aid on the fresh scar.  My daughter wanted to help me pick out new clothes.  And an hour or two later, back to the work grind.

Fast food surgery with a side of a magical girls.  Not too shabby.

Note: If you wanna see what was cut off of me, here’s a picture of a something similar.  Be warned, it’s gross.

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  1. Glad to hear everything worked out well. 🙂 I too have experienced them missing the vein for the IV needle, and let me tell you, I don’t think it was anime I was thinking of at that time…. >:p

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