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After weathering several storms, including my transition to a busier job, taking care of two young children, and my habit of, well, being a quitter, Beneath the Tangles continues to put out posts as regularly as it ever has.  And though I’m sure everyone loves my writing (hmmm…), I’m eager to add a new voice to this blog.  I’m opening up a position as a co-blogger.

What would you get out of it?  Beneath the Tangles can’t (and never will) have a large readership, but it does have a consistent one and has etched a space into the anime blogosphere.  Your posts would be read by a variety of individuals and you would have the opportunity to partner in what I believe is a ministry.  You’ll also have the opportunity to eventually shape the direction of this blog.  Read the About page for more information on what I do here.

My co-blogger will need to Christian – your denomination or church does not matter, as long as you share some basic beliefs with me (included in the application form below).  I require a blogger who is beyond reproach (with an understanding that we all goof up) in his or her actions.  Also note that I don’t use foul language, avoid talk about sexual topics, and usually try to avoid judgment and unjust criticism on this blog, as well as other online social outlets.

Content-wise, I want a writer who is good.  I’m aware that I’m not a terrific writer, which is why I’m looking for a co-blogger who can add umph to this blog by his or her skills.  Grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure are lower level concerns that can be proofread and corrected, so don’t worry if you aren’t, say, a perfect speller.  But I am asking for a writer who understands higher order concerns like introductions and conclusions, main ideas, content development, word usage, and organization.  We’re all developing as writers, though, so take this all with a grain of salt – even if you’re not the bees’ knees (<– Geico – ha!), experience will help you develop.

You can apply for either of these positions:

  1. Editorial writer:  Most of my entries are in editorial fashion, in which I basically comment about shows and ideas without specifically describing an episode.  Your posts will need to have some connection to Christian spirituality, though the audience you address and the explicitness with which you mention such topics can vary widely.  See this post by R86 for an example of discussing a Christian topic with little mention of the faith.  I would require at least two posts per month from you.
  2. Episodic blogger:  I would love to have an episodic blogger on this site.  You would blog about one series per season, writing approximately one post per episode.  Episodic blogs usually summarize events in the episode and give analysis and personal reaction to it.  Screen captures are also included.  Again, Christian ideas, themes, and symbols would need to be included (if possible) for these posts.  You and I would decide together which series you would blog on each season.

Blogging and making a commitment to blog may make you nervous, but please, don’t feel that way!  I’m here to help you and, hey, you’re largely anonymous on the net!  Plus, and I’ll emphasize this again, this is a chance for you to participate in ministry that also involves a favorite form of entertainment.

Please do the following if you’re interested:

  1. Fill out the coblogger app.
  2. Provide me a sample post you would like to do or have done (an editorial for the editorial position and an episodic post for the episodic blogger position, sans screen caps).
  3. Pray about joining with me in this ministry.

Email all material to me at beneath (dot) the (dot) tangles (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Please also feel free to ask any questions via email or in the comments below.  I’ll accept applications until Friday, October 7.



29 thoughts on “Looking for One Good Co-Blogger

  1. Hey! Just wanted to mention, after looking over the application, that Question 1, Part 2 isn’t quite clear. Are you asking whether they believe in Oneness or the Trinity?

    1. Thinking about it, I’m interested in both. I’ll revise the app when I get a chance. Thanks!

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      1. While I’m still not sure the question was clarified (isn’t believing in either still believing that there is a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, just with different details as to how that’s accomplished?), good application.

        Totally not filling it in, though- I’m gonna die with my current blogging responsibilities! xD

        Good luck finding someone to help! Can’t wait to see who it is!

  2. I will be excited to see new members to Beneath the Tangles, although I will be slightly saddened that we will not see your post as often. I had inclination to blog, but I am starting a quiet intensive year in my professional degree, so I will be watching from the side lines to see which amazing individuals answer the call.

    1. Thanks for all the kind words. And who knows, I might continue to post as much as always. That’ll be the plan, at least in the immediate future.

      Good luck with your studies!

  3. This sounds like a brilliant idea. Blog about anime while exploring the faith. Alas, my knowledge is quite shallow and my writing might not be up to par. Plus, I just discovered this blog.

    However, I pray that you will find an excellent co-blogger to take the stand. Good luck and all the best!

    1. Thanks so much! And please, if you’re interested, don’t let either knowledge or writing ability prevent you from applying. 🙂

    2. I sure am interested, but part of me wants to see if I can last a year just blogging regularly. Don’t want to disappoint anyone again…

        1. I will make the chance to make good posts when I see the opportunity to, expect some good ones soon (or at least, once time frees up)!

    1. I was under the impression you weren’t interested! No application is needed in your case. We’ll chat about this when I reply to your email.

      For other reading this comment, I’m still looking for another co-blogger, however. So if you’re thinking about applying, please still do so!

      1. Actually, I think I *want* to fill out the application, if that’s OK. I think it would help me organize my thoughts, at the very least. I also am not sure whether I can write a column every two weeks, especially this semester. But who knows? A friend of mine used to like to say, “He who aims at nothing, usually hits it.” 🙂

  4. Another thing, for Episodic blogger, how often would one have to write a review? Once a week? A couple times a month?

    1. Episodic blogging is a little more intensive job. A series usually has 11-13 episodes per season, and ideally, you would write a post for each episode, which would be almost weekly for that season. However, combining episodes every once and a while would be fine, so I think it would average out to about 3 posts a month. I would like a quick turnaround after the episode airs as well.

      That said, the posts themselves don’t have to be particularly long. And if it doesn’t work out, you could always transition to the editorial job. I also would encourage you to skip seasons, so that you aren’t always blogging.

    1. These are the types of grammar errors I make. 😛


      Please provide a “sample post” (not “of”). I’d like to see an entire post that you would write.

  5. So basically the editorial writer will have to watch a series and then moralize on it? How often would one have to do this? Are posts about manga series okay, too?

    1. I prefer to say that you would analyze anime (and/or manga) – whether it’s a post about an entire series, a single episode, or even a single scene. For instance I wrote several posts about Madoka Magica, including one focusing on a short scene in the final episode and a couple discussing entire episodes.

      You can muse on series you’ve watched in the past or new ones you’re currently watching. I often go back to shows I’ve seen before and think of topics to write about, though I normally think of ideas as I’m watching something for the first time.

      I’m asking for, at minimum, a couple of posts per month (roughly one every two weeks).

  6. I hope you find a good partner! I just recently heard about this blog and it really has been interesting to read because of its different approach. I can’t wait to see how a new writer will contribute 🙂

  7. I’ll be interested in seeing how this goes with new people around! I’d apply myself, but my own blog barely gets updated lately between everything going on in my life, and I’ve just tacked some new activities on for myself (like the writing of my non-fiction otaku book), so I wouldn’t have the time.

    But seriously. Can’t wait to see who joins you.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve noticed your output’s been less prolific these days. I’m really interested in the non-fiction book (as well as the fiction one you’ve mentioned) – keep us all updated on how the publishing goes! 🙂

      1. I’m trying to get back to posting at least 3 times a week, but so far it’s not working.

        On the bright side, I’ve emailed everyone I want to interview for the book and gotten back a number of positive responses so far. I’ll refrain from name-dropping in public for the moment though.

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