My Soul, You’re Beat! Goodbye to Angel Beats and Chrono Crusade

Buh-Bye (and good riddance?)! Art by はとむら

More than a review or analysis of Angel Beats! and Chrono Crusade, this post is an update to those who may have been following my posts about the series.  To my relief, and possibly to your own, I’ve decide to discontinue my projects on these two shows.

For Angel Beats!, I’d planned on posting an analysis of each episode.  In fact, I’d enjoyed doing this, commenting on a variety of topics through episode 7:

Unfortunately, as I did when originally viewing the series, I started to run out of steam this second time around.  A vociferous defender of the show at first, I became much more aware of its flaws during this re-viewing.  And in the end, I couldn’t justify spending time watching the remaining episodes, skipping even the ending, which I quite liked.  On the other hand, I did enjoy watching the series on DVD – the rich colors and wonderful music is made to be seen and heard in this medium, and Sentai Filmworks’ release was excellent, if not full of extras.

As for Chrono Crusade, the series was a chore for me from the start.  There were certain things I liked about the early episodes, but I never really enjoyed the show.  I couldn’t find myself caring about any of the characters, which is pivotal to any series, but particularly this one, where “monster of the week episodes” only barely keep our attention as we focus on the prize – what happens to Rosette and others in her quest.  But I never connected with any of the characters, with possibly the exception of Azmaria, who was central to one of the great anime Christmas episodes.

And that, too, was a frustrating point for the series – there were a few high points between mountains of dull episodes.  I’ve heard that the series gets better as it progresses, and I believe it, since the focus will be on the more interesting aspects of the series.  But I just couldn’t make it there…

What are your thoughts on the series?  Particularly for Angel Beats!, has your opinion changed over time?

Review copies provided by Sentai Filmworks and FUNimation, respectively.

On another note, I read this in Wikipedia:

Rosette’s character design remains much the same in both the anime and manga although she is significantly bustier in the anime.

So unnecessary…


12 thoughts on “My Soul, You’re Beat! Goodbye to Angel Beats and Chrono Crusade

  1. Interesting! Of course, I’m one that always likes hearing about what you don’t care for in Angel Beats- especially since you couldn’t be bothered to finish. Chrono Crusade, I think I can understand a bit more. I’ve heard that complaint before. Ah, well. Sorry they weren’t the best shows to blog on. I’ve hit a rut with Heroic Age myself, so I understand.

    1. Funny enough, I was commenting on your site as you were on mine! 🙂

      Without going into too much detail, here was my problem with Angel Beats – the middle loses its way. There’s a shift of focus from Haruhi, er, Yuri, to Kanade. That’s fine…but I find Yuri’s situation, goal, and approach more interesting than the reveal of Kanada’s true self. The middle episodes also become less witty in writing and contain some awkward reveals – there’s a shift toward storytelling and away from character development, which would be a good thing IF the storytelling wasn’t boring and at times ridiculous.

      The first time I watched the series, all this was apparent, but fine – I was still anticipating each episode, mostly based on my high enjoyment of the first half dozen (though my eagerness waned as the episodes went on).

      As I mentioned, though, I did really enjoy the ending (this is true of all the Key anime), and between that, the beginning, and the characters, I rank the show fairly highly; I just can’t take repeat viewings of the entire series, I’ve found.

      1. Having watched Angel Beats! a few times, I can certainly see why it would be a series one would like a lot upon first viewing, mostly due to its suspense value. Upon rewatch however, once you already know what’s going to happen, it’s easier to analyze it more and see the flaws. Like you, I found the episodes that focused on Yuri more enjoyable than Kanade’s big reveal at the end. The latter half was indeed rushed (I heard it was originally intended to be a two-cour series, but that was changed last minute). But I did like the episodes that focused on Otonashi’s past, as well as Yuri’s showdown with computer guy in episode 12. Rather than take the story apart, I just try to focus on my enjoyment of the characters, drama, and “feeling” of it.

        1. Thanks for the insight, Yumeka. I did generally enjoy the episodes about Otonashi’s past, though I didn’t get to the one involving the accident this time around. I think I’m a bit like you – I enjoyed the episodes that focused heavily on the characters (though some episodes much more than others) and on the “feeling” of the series. I rather liked the shifts in tone and the colors and look of the show were a real treat.

  2. The problem with Angel Beats is that everything happens too quickly. Naoi’s arc in particular is really rushed. None of the characters really get the development they deserve except the core group. I think if the anime were 24 episodes, it would’ve been a lot better.

    1. I completely agree. There was mood whiplash between episodes- often within the same episode (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it was often and abrupt and sometimes for really stupid things)

        1. Too much to say and do…too little time. Contrast with Clannad, where the mood shifts were also dramatic, but done more subtly or otherwise spread out.

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