Anime, Manga, and Comic Book Nun Giveaway Winner

Beneath the Tangles’ first-ever contest in now complete!  I drew a winner of the Chrono Crusade DVD set and Warrior Nun Areala manga, comics, and graphic novels in the most sophisticated way possible – slips in a plastic (not red Solo) cup:

Entrants in "The Lottery," er, the Hunger Games, er, the contest

This process is entirely transparent. #rimshot #silence
Furious shaking ensues, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Granny Lisi Blender Incident of '89
Who will it be? I could cut the tension with a plastic butter knife. #sweatdrop #notreally
#disappointment #disappointment #disappointment #applause #disappointment #disappointment

Congratulations, Sweetpea (I’ll be contacting you in regards to the prizes)!  I expect that some will go to good use – Sweetpea is one of the anime blogosphere’s most prolific (and best) reviewers, posting frequently on her site, Paper Chimes, and at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses.  She’s also begun a wonderful new blog, Going in Blindly, where you can follow along as she gives episode-by-episode thoughts on series.


11 thoughts on “Anime, Manga, and Comic Book Nun Giveaway Winner

      1. How about I also raffle it off again when I’m finished? I simply don’t have the room to keep it, so I’d be happy to do that. And I’ll also probably be raffling off some other anime (and manga) to boot.

    1. Maybe? 🙂

      Looks like Sweetpea may be giving this same material away when she’s done with it, though, so there’s a possibility.

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