A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A year ago…I saw the androphobic Inami as representing us

Art by M.M

A year ago…I was really into Eden of the East, reviewing the film, “Paradise Lost”…

…and finding Jesus symbolism all over the series.

“Spirit Sword”

A year ago…I pondered on a violent event in Adachi’s Touch

…and on how the show demonstrates how the ordinary can be extraordinary.

A year ago…I decided to rewatch Angel Beats, discussing Yuri’s beliefs in episode 1

…and the role of God in causing pain, as seen through the lens of Yuri in episode 2.

A year ago…I interviewed voice actress, Caitlin Glass, for the first time

…as well as artist, Keikokup.


“A Year Ago” is a monthly series on Beneath the Tangles which links to posts from the site written around this date last year.

4 thoughts on “A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

    1. Yes, she’s terrific! She’s made much more time for me than I would have if our tables were turned. 😛

      That sounds fun! I’ve only been on anime convention…it was definitely an interesting experience.

      1. I plan to go to one somewhere overseas soon. Was actually planning to go to AFA in Singapore this year but I probably won’t be able to make it.

        1. Ooh, I’m sure you’ll have fun. I’ve never been a large con – I’m eager to go to one of the major ones one day.

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