Win a FREE Copy of Haibane Renmei!

The fine folks as FUNimation (really, they’re awesome!) have provided us with a free copy of Haibane Renmei.  It’s a show whose religious imagery is so strong (and according to ABe, intentional), that I couldn’t help but discuss it here on the blog.  It’s also simply a wonderful series.

Art by Gorilla(1844〜)

Since I already own a copy of the series, a gift from the amazingly kind Don, this what I’m going to do with this unopened copy.  I’m going to just give it away!

You can enter to win raffle style.  You “buy” your tickets by doing any of the following:

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There’s a heavy emphasis on names in Haibane Renmei, with each haibane receiving a new name (<— SPOILERS) upon their birth into the world.  Their names are symbolic and based upon dreams, with meanings including falling, air, sleep, and river fishReflecting on a frequent dream you have, or one that sticks out to you, what might your haibane name be?

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And that’s it!  Do any of the above or any combination!  You can get up to 13 tickets for the contest, or if you’re a super duper Beneath the Tangles follower, up to 15!  You may enter until midnight, September 4, which is the day FUNimation’s DVD set for Haibane Renmei comes out.  I’ll announce the winner of the drawing shortly afterward.  The contest, by the way, is limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Make sure you’re checking your blog, email, Twitter account, etc. next week.  I’ll notify the winner.  If I can’t find a way to reach you, or if you don’t respond within three days, I’ll move on to the next ticket drawn.

Good luck!


35 thoughts on “Win a FREE Copy of Haibane Renmei!

  1. I’d be grumbling about being ineligible if I didn’t already have a set. 🙂

    Have there been any rumors of a blu-ray yet and/or additional extras in the new release?

    1. Good questions. I don’t know about extras (though I’ll have the copy in hand by tomorrow). As for Blu-Ray…I’m not sure what the forums are saying (nothing on the blogs), but everyday I Twitter lately I’m seeing people surprised that Lain is getting Blu-Ray while Haibane Renmei is not. Maybe popular demand will win out! 🙂

      1. It may be an age thing with Lain having more pent up demand in Japan, cf the remastered Nadia that I snarked about in Feb/March.

        The sad thing? Those two Nadia posts are the two most popular posts I’ve done…

  2. Shame I subscribed with RSS, I guess that doesn’t count for the extra tickets. Oh well. Anywho… I had a recurring dream of falling down the stairs in this apartment I lived in for a year, so I’m going to go with Kai (階), which, interestingly, is also the pronunciation of 解, meaning to understand.

  3. I often have dreams of running or fleeing from something, a type of dream I’ve experience ever since childhood. The baddie used to be something as vague and even more frightening as the monsters under the bed and in the closet, but now have become the monsters I experience in video games, like zombies.

    My haibane name, then, would probably be some variation of the Japanese word for run: “走る”. Perhaps “Hashi”?

    I’m already following via WordPress, and subscribed through RSS ><

  4. Reflecting on a frequent dream you have, or one that sticks out to you, what might your haibane name be?

    My Haibane name would go along the lines of ‘Time Loop’ or ‘Dream Loop’. The most frequent dream I have is either a dream I had earlier in my life, which I was able to do different things to find a new outcome to that dream, or one in where I relived the same day, within the same dream, and was made to relive it until I found out the solution to the events in that dream.

  5. Subscribed to RSS on Firefox and Google. As for the Haibane Renmei name I would have to pick something along the lines of “calculate” since when I dream I tend to go over things that happened during the day, usually on how I could of handled situations better, or how well I think I handled certain events.

  6. I already have my own copy of HR, so please do’t enter me. I think it’s kinda fun to think about what my Haibane dream would be – usually my dreams revolve around me making a choice and being a leader, so I think my Haibane name would be “Sentaku”, for “choice”

  7. Strange, I was up for a while last night pondering a dream I’d had a long time ago and then this post shows up.

    My dreams are usually just events that happened that day, albeit screwed up and put in an entirely different situation. They’re almost always set in real life.
    I think that my dreams are a way of organizing my thoughts, and that’s why they’re often about previous events, or about a problem that’s weighing on my mind. I’ve actually had dreams that helped me solve some problems I was having.

    If I were to go on my regular dreams…I would go with a name like “Recollection”
    I’ve never taken Japanese, so I just played around with Google Translate a bit, and chose “想起” (Souki)

    Also, can I not be entered in the contest? I can’t give out my address for personal reasons, so even if I did win I wouldn’t be able to get the set. I would much rather it go to someone else anyway.

    1. What helpful dreams. 🙂 Souki also has a nice ring to it.

      And I understand – thanks for the comment regardless!

  8. What a coincidence – I just re-watched this show recently; had to borrow my sister’s copy to do it, though, so I may as well enter.

    I do subscribe via RSS already.

    >“Reflecting on a frequent dream you have, or one that sticks out to you, what might your haibane name be?”
    I’m in a similar boat as Reki, since I rarely remember my dreams. In fact, almost the only one I can remember is a nightmare I’ve had a couple times where it’s nighttime, and I’m walking alone down a path in a wood, when a couple wild dogs, maybe coyotes or wolves, come out and one bites my neck… yeah, I guess I’d be one of the Sinbound with that one! Anyway, my J-E dictionary gives “kamitsuku” (噛み付く) as “grab with teeth,” so “Kami” or “Kamu,” I suppose.

    Sorry for not having a more pleasant dream to share! For a more positive spin, “Kami” is also, IIRC, a homonym for “god,” as well as “paper,” which appeals to the bibliophile in me.

    1. I actually think your name selection is terrific – very literary. I’m in a similar boat as you – while I have lots of dreams, I forget them immediately and only remember a handful in my life.

  9. A recurring theme of my dreams, despite rarely remembering them, is travel. In both my waking life and my dreaming life I am obsessed with motion and travel to places I have not been before. As a haibane, I would be phenomenally antsy about living within walls and probably would attempt to scale them sometime, despite the consequences I know that brings. I do not know what name this would be but it is a lot of who I am and aspire to be.

  10. Ah, thanks for doing this contest! Haibane Renmei has been my favorite anime series for years, but I only own the first two disks of the old release of the series. I’ve really enjoyed all of your posts on the series – especially the one about names. I’ve always felt that out of all the anime I have seen, Haibane Renmei is the most true, especially so coming from my religious background. Haibane Renmei is a very special piece of art.

    About the name…well, the only dreams I remember well have to do with me dying. It’s usually a pleasant death, but still…I guess my Haibane name would have 死 in it, but I feel like that is kind of morbid, haha.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Cadence. 🙂

      It really is a special series – I think calling it a “special piece of art” is a great way to describe it. It really feels like an artist (and well, I guess ABe is one) splashed this wondrous story on the screen. And it’s very special because it is so full of meaning.

      And yes…a little morbid. But I have a lot of dreams like that as well!

      Good luck!

    1. I’m glad that FUNimation has it, because I think of a lot of young people, who frequent FUNi’s website, will stream it.

  11. I guess I’m already subscribed, since it won’t let me click the button… I think. (???)

    A name from my recent dream? Darn, that would be a weird one. My latest dream is the reoccurring dream I have. Basically, I’m on the USA laser-tag team, and we’re facing Canada in the finals. We’re in a huge arena at night, and there’s teleporters and strobe lights and a pre-school (or some child-care facility). We loose, but then the judge (who I assume to be the last Pope) says Canada is disqualified because they are wearing too much sunscreen. So we celebrate the win back at my apparent apartment, where apparently my Pomeranian dog is barking, and my unknown apparent husband left me and envelope with my name on it. I have no idea who he is, but man does he have nice hand-writing. Then I always wake up.

    Sometimes I dream the whole thing, sometimes just parts, sometimes there are extra things thrown in. But it always ends with me opening the envelope, but I never get to see what’s inside. Maybe that means something? Or not. But for the sake of this post, my haibane might be some variation of 伝言, for “message”. Or 躁鬱 for “a crazy”.

    1. Haha, I think “message” is good. Cool dream…I wish I dreamed more laser tag! I played so much of that as a child.

      Oh, and go USA! 😛

  12. I tend not to remember most of my dreams. I’ll know that I had a dream, but I can’t remember what it was about–except for one really awesome recurring dream I’ve been having for a couple years. I’d like to explain it at length because of how cool it is, so bear with me.

    In the dream I have the supernatural ability to freely control the temperature of things around me. I find myself freezing and shattering things like I poured liquid nitrogen on them. Or if I’m being pursued by bad guys I’ll just melt the metal, glass, rubber and plastic of their car into a puddle (or conversely freezing it and watching as it splits under the stress of the cold’s contraction).

    And of course, I’m immune to the effects of temperature, so every once in a while I’ll climb up a concrete building by melting footholds and handholds into the side as I go up. Then, I can jump off the roof and land safely on the road by instantly melting a soft cushion of molten asphalt on impact. For some reason my clothes also seem to be immune to the effects of my powers, but…eh…whatever, right?

    Sometimes the dream takes a more mundane route and I find myself walking through the desert while wearing arctic gear because I’m my own air conditioner. Or I’ve simply decided that I’m going to walk across the Atlantic Ocean by solidifying the water under my feet as I go and resting on an iceberg of my own construction when I get tired.

    But back on topic, since I have the ability to control the temperature in my dreams, my Haibane name would probably be Ondo (温度)–the Japanese word for temperature.

    1. Sounds like an interesting superhero (and a good character for a film)! The name also just sounds good – either as a haibane name or a comic book character name. 😛

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