Light Invades Darkness: The Return

Tokyo Skyline

My Discipleship Training School is now over. After an intense Outreach Phase and Lecture Phase, I am on my way back to Alaska as a new season of my life begins.
Since I haven’t had much of an opportunity to post lately, I will up date you on what happened during Outreach. We started by partnering with a High School ministry called Hi-B.A. during Gospel Team. This was two weeks of hands on work in two different areas of the Tohoku Region of Japan helping with tsunami relief. The next two weeks were spent in the Philippines. We spent most of our time in Olongapo doing local evangelism and helping women get out of prostitution. The next week I was on a team doing a local outreach in Ikebukuro. We also partnered with Cornerstone Tokyo, a church body I am apart of here in Tokyo. After this came one of my favorite outreaches, the Creative Outreach. This outreach involved one week of arts as a means of spreading the gospel in Ikebukuro and Ueno Park. Finally, we went back to Ishinomaki in Tohoku. We did more tsunami relief work and built relationship with the people there. For this trip, we partnered with Tokyo Baptist Church and their satalite church in Ishinomaki.

A festival in Ishinomaki

After all of these activities, we came back for one more week of lecture on the times and seasons of God. Then we had a week of debrief and then graduation on the 20th. As I am writing this, it is my last day in Japan for now. I know that I will be back, I really hope it is soon.
(This was written 8/21. I am now back in Alaska and am able to now post this.)

Ueno Park Sunset

Now that I am back in Alaska, I am trying to readjust to the temperature and time difference. Everything here is bigger and louder than in Tokyo. People drive on the right side of the road. There are no rules for which side of the escalator to walk or stand on here. I also constantly reply to things with Hai and Arigato (this gets me lots of strange looks.)

(One more thing, I haven’t posted anything anime related in a while, because I haven’t been able to watch any anime. We don’t have a TV here, I don’t speak Japanese, there is no Crunchyroll, Funimation, or another form of streaming in Japan due to region restrictions, and finally I don’t have a computer to watch it on.) I have been watching Sword Art Online, Eureka Seven Ao, and I finished Madoka Magica since coming back. I can’t wait to start serious blogging again.


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    1. Sorry about that. (no excuses.) I did however get to meet R86. That was fun. Still dealing with some culture shock, but adjusting. I hope to be blogging regularly again soon.

      1. Haha, no, I’m overdue in saying “welcome back.” 😉

        R86 btw, not that it matter now that you know his real name. 😛

      2. Not sure who this “R28” is, though he might have been an earlier, long-discarded version of myself. Version 86 has been up and running for a while now, though these days, bugs seem to crop up here and there. 😀

        EDIT: TWWK beat me by one minute! 😛

              1. I just had to Google “astromech droid,” and felt my nerd status decrease because I didn’t recognize the reference. That being said, you sure picked a good place to have your head stuck. 😉

              2. To a nerd, I’m not much of a nerd. To non-nerds, I am a huge nerd. (If we are talking about international relations, concept art/design, or anime I am truly a nerd. Anything else is up for grabs.)

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