Haibane Renmei Available for Purchase Today!

Once upon a time, a young man watched a series that moved him profoundly.  He immediately went to the web to seek it out and purchase it, even though he rarely bought DVDs anymore.  Finding that it was  out of print, he began a quest to find a copy at a reasonable price.  He scoured the Internet and spent a good chunk of time at his first anime convention simply searching for the DVDs.  Unsuccessful and discouraged, he nevertheless continued as he read or heard stories of lucky boys and girls who’d found copies on the cheap.

One day, this man received an email from one of the most interesting writers in the aniblogosphere.  Out of the kindness of his heart, this gentleman among gentleman offered to send him the DVD collectionfor free.  Overjoyed, the searcher beamed for near a week or more at both his coming receipt of this gift and at the generosity of the giver.

That DVD was Haibane Renmei.  And the man on that quest was Clint Eastwood.  Er, okay, it was me.

A short time after I received the copies, FUNimation announced that it was going to first stream the series, then release it on DVD.  They recovered Geneon’s license of the show after that company floundered, and had gotten around to processing it.

Today, the very reasonably priced collection is officially available.  It is a stunning series and one that pierced my heart.  Go show FUNi some love and buy it – I think you’ll find that it’s more than worth the money.

But maybe before that, try to get it for free.  You have until midnight tonight, central time, to enter to win a free copy of the collection.



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