Carnival Time: Anime Wish Fulfillment, Part II

Yesterday, I reminisced about my childhood as I gave my first post as part of Iso’s Blog Carnival on anime and wish fulfillment.  Today, I conclude with some of minor things I would like to do (here’s one: I would love to be able to kick butt), and the paths I’ve dreamed about taking.

The Moves – Cowboy Bebop

My first best friend (I moved often as a military brat) was into martial arts (probably tae kwan do).  I admired him and wanted to learn, but I was fearful of getting hurt and never joined.  Of course, I later regretted this inaction.  And of all the styles of martial arts, one of the most attractive is Jeet Kune Do, invented by Bruce Lee and practiced by Spike.  And come on…what hot blooded male doesn’t want to move like Spike and be like water?

The Music – La Corda d’Oro

This one I still have some time to do.  R86 and I have often spoke about how we enjoy this overlooked show, and certainly music is a joint reason why.  R86 performs music frequently (and publicly), while I’ve barely practiced in the last decade or more.  But I plan to take up my violin again in the near future, and while I’ll never be at the level of the geniuses in this show, with some practice I’ll be good enough to enjoy myself.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and a leprechaun will appear and grant me musical powers!

Kin’iro no Corda

The Team – Ookiku Furikabutte

Again, despite my passion for sports, I never joined an athletic team growing up.  Lacking in self-confidence, I did everything to prepare to join the basketball team in middle school, except trying out, that is.  In some ways, I lived vicariously through a good friend who was part of a Little League baseball team, and that sport might be one I would’ve enjoyed.  Beyond the competition, what I wanted was the camaraderie, as displayed in Oofuri.

Ookiku1 - NishiuraTeam

The Passion – Chihayafuru

My passion for hobbies and goals is like blazing fire with little fuel – it burns bright before dying quickly.  I take up hobbies on a whim and then drop them in short time.  This is why I’m surprised that at two and half years, this blog is still going strong!  It would have been nice to pick up something fun and become an expert in it, and to keep up with it throughout my lifetime.  I want to be like Chihaya with her passion for karuta (though perhaps without the single-mindedness).

Art by スロウス@ついったは住み家
Art by スロウス@ついったは住み家

The Job – Working!!Working anime

I worked in a fast food joint once.  This is where I’m supposed to say that the employees weren’t bonded – it didn’t have the friendly or familial feel of Working!!  But the truth is, it did feel like that.  In just a couple of days, I felt an intense growing bond with my co-workers, some of whom had big and unique personalities like the characters employed at Wagnaria.  But my teenage self valued endless free time above anything else, so I quit in after a very short run and didn’t develop those close bonds.  I later worked another low paying job, this time at the biggest of retailers, but didn’t invest as much in friendship as I should have.

The Fame – Skip Beat!

As a child, I dreamed of becoming many things, but primary among them was to be a “movie star.”  I loved the idea of working as an actor, and certainly of the fame that comes with that field.  Of course, becoming famous takes commitment, drive, energy, luck, and talent, and I’m not a particularly good singer (read wretched singer) or an exceptionally good actor.  Then again, who needs talent these days to become famous? 😛

The Mission – Full Metal Panic!

On my walks to school as a child, I frequently pretended I was on some sort of secret mission.  Later, as a teenager, I lost myself in the books of Tom Clancy.  And even as an adult, I nearly took a job in the intelligence community.  Oh, how fun I thought it would be to be involved in dangerous and classified missions (all with a guarantee that I would survive, of course).  I think if I was single, I would have pursued this path, but in reality, watching Sousuke will have to do.

Full Metal Panic!
Art by 碇 マナツ

The Journey – Naruto

I’m all about epic.  I love epic films, stories, and anime.  For all the flack it gets, Naruto has really focused on being big and creating situations that matter to us as readers and viewers – not only because of the grandness, but because our main character in on a journey of self-transformation.  In reality, we’re all on a journey in life.  Even our mundane, ordinary lives really aren’t.  Sometimes it just takes perspective.  But hey, going on super secret ninja missions to save the ninja villages would be fun, too. 😉

Art by さゆめ
Art by さゆめ

How about you?  Is there any anime wish fulfillment choices you’d like to share with us?

6 thoughts on “Carnival Time: Anime Wish Fulfillment, Part II

  1. What you said for your job in the fast food restaurant kinda reminded me of the first job I took too, I admitted that the job was too time-consuming, I had to work from morning 8AM to 9PM at night, with barely any time to myself, easily enough, I quit just after two months, lol. As I wasn’t the best talker out there, it takes time for me to actually bond with new people, and since it had only been two months in that first workplace of mine, I wasn’t able to create such bonds.

    1. I was very shy when I was younger (I still consider myself a shy person) – it took me months and months to finally bond with my co-workers at the other job I mentioned, so I understand what you’re saying.

      1. He’s a freelance computer programmer. he’s in high school too, and does it while he pays rent on his own house. It isn’t the typical “oh we need the kid on his own so we get rid of parents and he magically affords things.” Maiku acts more like a responsible adult, and it’s pretty well done actually. The two pretty freeloaders who show up even get part-time work to help out.

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