A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A year ago…we symbolized Sasami of Tenchi Muyo as the fruit of joy…

…Ashitaka of Princess Mononoke as the fruit of peace

AshitakaAlicia Florence of ARIA as the fruit of patience…

…Vash the Stampede of Trigun as the fruit of kindness

…and Sawako of Kimi ni Todoke as the fruit of goodness.

A year ago…I questioned how many bloggers (including myself at times) approach their posts

…and welcomed a new member to the blog.

Art by カワサキカズヒコ

A year ago…Goldy discussed Smile Precure!

…and Zeroe4 started a series of posts on Broken Blade…

A years ago…guest poster Corey wrote about Naruto and Sasuke

…while I talked about some not-so-lucky characters in the same show…

A year ago…I asked for your prayers while I was in a hospital bed…

…and mused on my observations from said bed…

Sekirei Chiho

4 thoughts on “A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

  1. a year ago we were pissing our pants in excitement (or maybe it was just me…) writin posts for a certain tournament which ended up being just people pissing all over each other

    crazy times, fun times 🙂

  2. Using Heartcatch in a post about Smile! For shame! Why are you using the series that’s 3 YEARS OLD?! Sure It was one of the best but gezz man! Don’t mind me… Precure Fanboy.

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