An Easter Invitation

Why are Christians compelled to worship God?  Why do we believe in the face of scrutiny and increasing skepticism and ridicule?

The answer is in this day.  It’s in Easter and in our belief and our hope that despite who we are and what we’ve done, there is forgiveness.  There is hope, demonstrated through a sacrifice so deep, so costly, so pure, and so valuable, that we are moved heart and soul by a love that’s greater than anything else we’ll ever experience.

I hope that all you readers out there will find a church to attend today, even if you don’t usually attend.  And if you are not Christian, I encourage you to step through the doors of a church and open yourself to the possibilities of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Trust me, it won’t hurt you to go to a church service.

And if you need it, here’s further motivation, in the form of an anime:

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!


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