Something More: Madoka > Jesus?

A prime goal of this blog is to encourage open discussion about faith, using anime as medium through we can ask questions, give answers, and promote knowledge and understanding.  I’m thankful that our posts here recently had some role in encouraging Tommy of Anime Bowl to write an article about how Madoka is lacking as a Christ figure.  And inspired by Tommy’s post, our old friend Alexander, who has contributed plenty to Beneath the Tangles by bring a very different viewpoint to user comments, guest posts, and cooperative posts, is beginning a week long series focusing solely on this idea: why Madoka is a better savior than Jesus.

Interesting topic, huh?

He’ll be posting daily this week.  Please visit Ashita no Anime to read the first of his posts, and return throughout the week to comment on others:

Madoka > Jesus – Human vs God


13 thoughts on “Something More: Madoka > Jesus?

    1. I really recommend it. I know you’re more a manga gal than an anime one, but Madoka is almost definitely bound for “classic” status, and I would say it’s the most highly regarded anime produced in the last several years, liked by both those who are highly critical and the average anime fan.

  1. How could we even compare the two? If Christ rewrote history we wouldn’t even know. Looking forward to the articles and discussions to ensue from this 🙂

  2. What? We cannot compare Christ to Madoka. Christ is so much better and he is REAL. I can’t believe that you say Madoka’s better than Jesus.

    1. I second a lot of what Luminas says. For the non-Christian otaku, Madoka, I think, clearly stands above Christ because to that type of individual, both are fiction, and the former is presented masterfully in a way that speaks to the otaku.

      Of course, what I would say is that Madoka’s actions are a glimpse into Christ’s, and that in fact, that story of redemption speaks to our very souls because it’s the gospel story that speaks to us all.

  3. “What? We cannot compare Christ to Madoka. Christ is so much better and he is REAL.”

    Technically, most non-Christians have absolutely nothing to go on when determining whether He is “real” or not. About all we can say with any certainty is that He was real. I tend to believe He does in fact still exist because there’s no way my own God would get that emotional over a dead guy.

    As for the notion of Madoka as a Christ figure…I wouldn’t go so far as to say she is better, but she makes more sense emotionally to a modern audience. So many people have suffered such horrifically brutal deaths over the centuries that His horrific death doesn’t have much impact on a lot of people. It’s when it becomes clear what He REALLY did— Take the despair and weight of sin upon Himself as a sacrifice— That His true character becomes clear. This is what Madoka makes so very apparent.

    I have, in my many years spent as a writer, only managed to create an emotionally convincing Christ figure once in my life. It’s not an easy job…even for those who knew Him.

  4. a better Christ figure? i guess it depends on who you ask. I really don’t think you can get any better than Christ… it just doesn’t make any sense to me. He truly took on the death of the world. The thing i’ll say for Madoka is that her story is clearly told in 13 20 minute episodes. This makes it a lot easier for people to like this story and to relate to it. The bible is very long and can come off as boring to many people. this means that Madoka is much more relatable, but to save all of reality from death by dying? You can’t get any better than the original article.

    1. “The bible is very long and can come off as boring to many people. this means that Madoka is much more relatable, but to save all of reality from death by dying?”

      This would actually require a person to be afraid of death. And…I’m not. I’ve seen something that can happen to you that makes the fear of death look like the giggling bogeyman your Mom told you would get you if you didn’t behave. I’ve seen my own Mother’s brain rot until the only thing left was a drooling invalid with no control over her bowel movements. I’ve had vivid nightmares that make you realize that torture becomes about a thousand times more…creative when your targets can’t die.

      Living can be a beautiful thing, really— But it can also become a Hell that makes non-existence seem palatable. Heck, sin and depression can occasionally make it impossible to live in the same head as yourself. If there is a Devil, my friends, THIS is actually where he thrives. Watching who fights, and who gives in.

      In a very real sense, I am much more afraid of the despair that Madoka saved the magical girls from. If Jesus can save you from THAT, from sin….What he’s offering appears far more profound.

  5. I think, fundamentally, Christianity requires one to already believe that nobody who dies stays dead.

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