Japesland to the Land of Japan!

Zeroe4’s not the only writer here going to Japan.

It was a just a couple of weeks ago that we gave a digital send-off to Zeroe4 as he began a long-term mission trip to Japan.  Today, instead of the biweekly Anime Today column, I’m writing this send-off for it’s writer, Japes/Japesland, on a shorter term trip to Japan.  Here’s a little bit about the mission in Japes’ own words:

We’ll be mostly in Sendai, which got the brunt of the tsunami in 2011. We’ll be doing some ministry to local surfers, helping out with local churches, doing clean-up in a fishing village that was decimated, and various other things.

I hope you’ll consider praying for his trip.  If you have any well wishes or encouraging words to say, please leave those below as well.

And on a closing note, I just had to mention this.  Ever the anime fan and Japanophile, Japes noted to me the trip is going to take place over some pretty significant days, including this one: Miku Day. 🙂

Take care, Japes, and god bless!

4 thoughts on “Japesland to the Land of Japan!

    1. Take care and God bless! And if you don’t get a cultural day or something, at least be sure to eat up as much ramen as you can! 🙂

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