1,000 Posts!

Well…this milestone snuck up on me.

This post is our 1,000th here on Beneath the Tangles!

A little over four years ago, I began Beneath the Tangles as a way of bringing Christian conversation into the anime community.  The blog was obviously quite different at the time – less personal in tone and more overtly religious.  My very first post was dated September 12th, 2010: My So-Called Virtual Life.

That first year was really about finding my way with the blog.  I did several columns (none of which we now continue), engaged anibloggers in a large survey (from which we received some very positive and very negative response), and grew relationships with readers, mostly within that blogging community.

However, over the years, the tone of the blog changed as we found our voice and reached out to a more general audience of anime fans.  I say “we” because the biggest change of all was the addition of co-bloggers, who have now really taken ownership of the blog – developing their own columns, media projects, and generally making their own way.  Here are the my co-bloggers, with their join dates (because I think they’ll get a kick out of seeing those):

1. R86 (October 10, 2011): A friend before he was a co-blogger, R86 is actually the only one of the writers here I’ve met in person (a few of the others have met each other though).  He remains one of my closest friends, and someone who I can go to for advice, about anime or life in general.

1. Goldy (October 10, 2011): Joining at the same time as R86, Goldy brings a lot of anime-related experience to the blog and has a tone to her writing that I really admire – wise, calming, engaging.  I’ve counted on her to really carry the blog a number of times through the years.

3. Murasaki Lynna (October 18, 2011): Lynna joined shortly after our first two additions.  I was glad to have her join because she’s a wonderful writer and her interests reach out to a different audience than the rest of us.  What I found out later is that she’s also a real sparkplug, adding an exciting energy to our group.

4. Zeroe4 (February 28, 2012): Through the years, a little community of Christian anibloggers has developed – and it may have started with us and with Zeroe4, who was doing “Christian aniblogging,” if that’s a category, for a long while before he ended up crossing over to the dark side our blog.  Very sincere and very helpful, I’ve long counted on Zeroe4 to do a variety of projects/posts for us.

5. Hansha (June 14, 2012): Probably no one convicts me as much as Hansha does through her posts.  I depend on her greatly not only for her writing expertise, but also the content she writes and for the sincerity and honesty in which she delivers it (and in which she lives)

6. Kaze (March 18, 2013): What can I say about Kaze? He’s living the life of an otaku – he’s the best source I know for anime-related news. He also brings a unique viewpoint to our blog, one that I think forces us to think outside of our cozy little Christianese ways.

7. Japesland (September 18, 2013): If you started following our the blog over the last year, it might surprise you to find out that this isn’t Japes’ personal blog for how much he writes!  We’ve grown in a lot of ways through the past 12 months, in large part because of Japes’ energy and dedication.  And oh yes, he’s a good friend, too!

On the other side of the screen, there is you, the audience.  Thank you so much for reading along, whether you’re a recent convert or if you’re among the handful that’s been here since near the beginning.  Ultimately, we’re writing for readers – not for ourselves.  We want to engage you in good discussion, whether it’s encouraging you think about these topics we write about on your own or in public through the comments.  I hope we’ve done well the past four years, and that we’ll continue to deliver thought-provoking content for many more posts to come!


12 thoughts on “1,000 Posts!

  1. I’m really glad you let me write for Beneath the Tangles, TWWK. It has been an awesome experience that is at times encouraging and at other times convicting, but always helps me grow. You started something really amazing and I’m honored to be able to add a small piece to it.

  2. Always continue enlightening the world with your thoughtful posts, TWWK and company. :} I live in the North in America, which is a place where it is impolite to talk about your religion or politics outside of intimate settings. You may or may not know this, depending on your locations. Unless you’re generically “spiritual,” whatever the hell that means. XD

    This means that….this is one of the best places (Other than with my sister) where I can ramble about religion and faith without consequences and with thoughtful responses to my inquiries. Especially since you guys grasp that religion isn’t a thing you do— It’s a thing you are, and that effects how you perceive what you love. :}

    Also, I hope at least one of you went to MikuExpo in New York last weekend. It was AMAZING. <3

    1. Sadly I live too far away, or I would have done my absolute best to make it! Making time (and money!) for conventions is becoming more difficult these days…

    2. Thank you for always adding wonderful insights to our conversation. And yes, you’re absolutely right about religion needing to be about “spirituality,” it seems, to be okay to freely converse about in this part of the world. 😛

  3. Congrats my friend! God bless you, and I’m grateful to have found this wonderful source of inspiration, anime news, and cool peeps all in one. I know it was God who allowed me to find it, and I have grown as a blogger myself and was even inspired to start my own blog because of yours.

    Take care, and looking forward to the next anniversary 🙂

  4. just found out about this website in the last 3-5 months, but honestly you guys have changed my outlook on anime and entertainment in general a ton. thank you so much!

    1. Nolan, thank you so much for the kind words! Sincerely, if anything good comes out of this site, it’s only through Christ’s work here – it can only be that.

      Thanks for following along!

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