Something More: Pagan Joan of Arc, Scar’s Religious War, and an AniMuslim Invasion

It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and all through the blogs, not a blogger was stirring – maybe they’re buzzed on eggnog?  Well, two are stirring, at least in terms of writing anime articles related to religion and spirituality – and the articles are both definitely worth a read!

Scar’s mission against his god’s blasphemy in Fullmetal Alchemist brings to mind the consequences of blasphemy in the Old Testament, and Christ’s words about His and our enemies in the New. [Old Line Elephant]

The significant parallels between Christian life and character actions in Akatsuki no Yona continue, while historic connections can be found in recent episodes of Madan no Ou to Vanadis (to Muslim conquests) and Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (to Joan of Arc). [Medieval Otaku]

As part of the Something More series of posts, each week Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included.

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