Kyon, Christmas, and a Humble Love

In my household this year, we’ve had so much conversation about how to really emphasize Christ in the season.  As I mentioned yesterday, we do the whole Santa thing with our kids (I actually feel like I’m the only parent at my church that does!), but in spite of that, I think we keep a worshipful focus on the holidays – at least I hope we do.

More this Christmastime than ever, I’ve been reflecting on the humility of Christ’s birth: what it means, why it had to be the way, and how we should respond to it.  The answers become intensely personal, as I ponder on God’s grace on me, and remarkably unconstrained, as I think about my role in a larger worldview.  And I begin, too, to realize how countercultural the Bible’s message of Christmas really is – both against the popular culture in the west and the “War Against Christmas” crusaders’ culture as well.

Tommy, our friend at Anime Bowl, wrote a nice reflection on some similar themes yesterday on his post about a seasonal anime, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  In his usual way, Tommy doesn’t mince words, and the connections he makes and conclusions he draws are very aptly done.

I highly recommend you check out his article:

This year’s Christmas post (Kyon & us)


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