All You Shining Stars


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are natural times of reflection for us.  Often against our better judgment, we resolve to make changes in our lives, knowing that our resolutions will most probably fail. But we write these ideas down and commit to them because we know that change is necessary – we can’t live the way we have been.

For 2015, it’s not a resolution I offer you, but a small, digital journey that might help you along with the path you’re on in life.  Artist turtlequeen and I have developed an online blog/devotional that we hope will inspire you to wander “away from the things that pull us down and toward an infinite love that cannot be earned – only received.”

We will periodically post devotionals about love, grace, and other matters of the art, accompanied by turtlequeen’s wonderful manga-style art.

If you feel drawn toward something more and the need to change in 2015, I hope you’ll consider following along with our blog and taking us with you along on your journey.

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