Welcome Our New Writers and Contributors to Beneath the Tangles!

Through the years, our website has changed drastically – in tone, audience, message, and design.  Beneath the Tangles is a better site now than it once was, in no small part because of my wonderful team of writers.

That team has now grown to include additional members!  You’ll recognize most of these names – they’ve long been friends to the site, contributing posts, comments, replies, and even lending their voices to our podcast.  And now, you’ll begin to see their names as they post articles, write columns, and participate in features here.

Please welcome our five new writers:

Annalyn – A student and aspiring writer, Annalyn has been aniblogging for four years at her site, Annalyn’s Thoughts.  She’ll bring her very personal writing style to articles and a column here in the coming weeks.

Medieval Otaku – There are few people I know who are wiser than Medieval Otaku, whose vast knowledge and love for classic anime are already displayed on his blog.  He’ll also add a Catholic point of view through his upcoming column.

Michael – The terrific moderator of Gaming and God and a writer at Geeks Under Grace, Michael is fascinated with Japanese video games, which he’ll discuss from a Christian perspective in a new column on our site.

Sean – We’ll all get to know Sean together as he co-hosts The Tangles podcast (he’s our featured guest on the next episode, streaming this Thursday).   I think you’ll feel the same as I have about him, impressed equally by his demeanor and his intellect.

Stardf29 – Like Annalyn, Stardf29 has both guest-written for the blog and been a guest on our podcast.  His unique spin on anime can be found through his prolific aniblog, A Series of Miracles (and now here as well!).

Please welcome Annalyn, Medieval Otaku, Michael, Sean, and Stardf29 to the team! 

16 thoughts on “Welcome Our New Writers and Contributors to Beneath the Tangles!

  1. And that’s great, I actually read Medieval otaku and Annalyn’s blog, and A Series of Miracles (Stardf29 ) so that’s just a cool and funny coincidence

    1. I think a lot of us find each other thanks to Beneath the Tangles—through the “Something More” links, guest posts, comments section, etc. So I wasn’t surprised to recognize most of the other new folk. I look forward to seeing what everyone writes as we each get settled in! I’m excited to see what Sean has to say—he’s the only one I don’t remember running across before.

  2. Hey everyone! Sean here. So excited to have been a part of this week’s podcast. The opportunity to discuss spirituality in anime with a wonderful community like the one here beneath the tangles is not one I take lightly. Looking forward to co-hosting future episodes. 🙂

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