Holy Week 2015: Key Anime and Easter

Easter is kind of a peculiar time of year for Christians.  We celebrate it, dress up in our Sunday finest and…search for Easter eggs.  And although we talk about the commercialization of Christmas, many households across the country have made a concerted effort to at least keep that holiday holy.  Easter, on the other hand, feels almost forced as a holy day and certainly only receives a fraction of the attention that Christmas does, even though it’s our most significant holiday.

To try to keep a focus on the magnitude of the events that transpired during the week leading up to the first Easter, and that Sunday itself, we delve into one specific topic during Holy Week each year and discuss it each on the days leading up Easter.  This year, we’re focusing on a topic many of us on Beneath the Tangles adore – Key anime and visual novels.  As a sort of early kick-off to the week, JP, Sean, and Kaze co-hosted a special, extended edition of “The Tangles” last week exploring Key – I highly encourage you to check it out!


For our posts this week, we’ll be focusing on properties we’ve barely touched in the past. Expect posts on Air and Kanon, but most of all, we’ll be diving into another of Key’s beloved properties – I’ll save that surprise and let Kaze reveal which one on Tuesday.

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of our many past articles on Key, particularly their properties’ anime adaptations.  Here’s a selection of them:

I hope you’ll join us this week, but more importantly, I also hope that you’ll spend time this week meditating on Easter and what it means.  And my challenge to you all is this: as we approach Easter Sunday a week from now – attend a church.  Step into the doors of a sanctuary.  Go see what it’s all about, or go back if you haven’t been for some time.  Perhaps you’ll see what we writers on the blog here know – God is good.

4 thoughts on “Holy Week 2015: Key Anime and Easter

  1. Given the 40(ish) days prior, dressing up pretty and doing fun stuff and partying feels pretty holy to me.
    Eggs and flowers and kids and chocolate and pretty and life!

    Without Lent, it’d be a bit different.

    1. Yes, all this can be done in celebration – that’s certainly how I feel regarding Christmas festivities as well. And I hope that’s how we take Easter, as a celebration of the central event in our faith.

  2. Growing up, my parents made an effort to make Easter special. Books would get set out about Easter (mostly about Jesus), and I would read them several times before they went back to the garage next to the Christmas decorations. One year, my parents saved our Christmas tree. Dad cut off the limbs and fastened two pieces of the trunk into a cross, which was set next to our Easter books and decorations. We did other things to emphasize the special days leading up to Easter, too—once I was old enough, I really appreciated the Good Friday service, though we didn’t always go. Now that I’m out of the house at college, I don’t have the same sense of anticipation I used to have. But I’ll enjoy pausing my studies to read the posts here throughout the week. 🙂

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