Help Requested: We Need Your Questions for Japes in Japan

As you may know from last month’s The Tangles, Japes is currently in Japan working on a summer internship. For a forthcoming podcast, I’ll be asking Japes questions about his experiences, and we’d love for you to join in as well!  Please comment below with questions you might like Japes to answer.  Here are some ideas:

  • Personal: Ask Japes about why and what’s doing in the land of the rising sun
  • Culture and People: Ask about Japes experiences with the Japanese
  • True or False: Does Japan live up to the ideas we may have about the country here in the west?
  • Anime: What is anime and anime fandom like in Japan?
  • Religion: What is it like being a Christian in a non-Christian nation?

Add to that anything else you’d like to know!  Thank you in advance – we appreciate your participation!

Edit: We’re all set now, so we’re closed for further questions. Thanks for your questions, all!


7 thoughts on “Help Requested: We Need Your Questions for Japes in Japan

  1. How receptive are the Japanese to foreigners? Is it a mixed response or are most people friendly? Is there anything big Americans might misunderstand about the Japanese culture because of a trope in anime? Does everyone really eat with chopsticks–do forks ever make an appearance?

    I hope these are good questions, I’m genuinely curious! 🙂

  2. 1) How are Christians received in Japan? How exactly are Christians perceived and treated in Japan?
    2) How are foreigners viewed and how are they treated? Apart from being referred to as “Gaijin” (meaning foreigner basically), is there any kind of bias against foreigners?
    3) Are there any differences in Japanese culture and Anime in terms of how Japanese culture is displayed?
    4) How big are foreign comics in Japan?
    5) Are Christians looked upon with disdain when mentioning Jesus Christ? Or is there a sort of tolerance or even curiosity?
    6) How do the Japanese people view the God of the Bible? How is GOD treated in their eyes.
    7) Do you know if any biblically-influenced materials (comics, anime, etc) have received success in Japan? How was their performance?
    8) How are the Japanese people in general? What impressions did you receive so far? What is the Japanese view of foreign men and women like?
    9) Lastly, how is the Anime industry in Japan? What is it like?

    Thats all the questions I have for Japes.

  3. 1.What sort of community of believers have you been able to find in Japan.
    2.Are most christians catholic still, or are just as many protestants.

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