Gaming With God: Metal Gear’s Beautiful Beasts

Snake? Are you there? SNAKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you didn’t understand that reference, then I’m sorry to say your not a Metal Gear fan. That’s ok, because the games are still amazing and have stood the test of time so you need to check them out. I would highly recommend the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that has all the games in one for a low price! It is always so hard waiting for the new sequel in the series to be released, but for new crowd it’s easy. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain is due out in September and I believe will be one of the best games of the entire year (the comment button is below my friend….I’m ready for you).

I love this series not only because of the amazing plot that leaves you hanging better than any blockbuster movie, or the soundtrack that makes you feel like you are watching the scenes live as they occur, but also the in-depth story we get for each character. Even the enemies are not your typical bad guys, no, no! These are not the types that want to “destroy the world” because they are clinically insane or have nothing better to do. All have reasons, ideas and even entire philosophies as to why they do what they do and make you even question if you are doing the right thing or not by taking them down.

In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots, Solid Snake encounters a new breed of foe he has yet to do battle with. Let me introduce to you, the Beauty and the Beast Corps (BB Corps). They are four insanely powerful machines out to hunt our hero, Snake. That is their only mission, and they will kill all who stand in their way.

*The video is violent and contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised*

As you progress through the game, you have to fight each of them one by one. The interesting fact that you discover is that they are not only cybernetic, but are actually women. They were affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the trials of war. Their names are reminiscent of past FOXHOUND soldiers (an elite group of mercenaries in the games), and since they are only after Solid Snake they are called the SNAKEHOUND Unit.

Screaming Mantis
Laughing Octopus
Raging Raven
Crying Wolf

When you defeat them, their armor breaks and you see the individual lady in a soldier uniform. Because of their unstable minds, they will attempt to attack Snake unless you end their misery. Either way, they perish after a few minutes since they cannot survive without their suits that soothes their insanity. They were difficult at first to beat, but once you figure out their techniques you can do it fairly quickly.

Laughing Octopus screaming in pain.
Laughing Octopus screaming in pain.

I’ve never faced a group like them in any other game, which are women traumatized with an actual mental illness trapped in robotic frames. Yet, in real life many people are stuck in the same predicament. I’m talking about PTSD, yes, but I’m also talking about other struggles that we deal with. It’s easy to spot someone’s issues with the words or actions they chose, but what about when nobody is around? We can get attacked severely in our minds, I would say even more so than physically.

If we never deal with these problems, they just go with us everywhere we go and start to inflict damage on our relationships and ourselves. Contrary to the BB Corps, there is hope in God who gives us a peace that you can’t find anywhere else.

Crying Wolf outside of her armor.
Crying Wolf outside of her armor.

Philippians 4:7

7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

When we leave these emotions and thoughts unchecked, we also become a beast just like these poor women became, lashing out on the world because of painful experiences in our past. All four have their own backstory as to how they became deranged, but unlike a video game we are given free will to make the right choice in the end. Whether it’s loneliness, rejection from a friend or loved one, not feeling worthy or ashamed of some mistake you made, you need to go to Christ and ask Him to heal you.

Right where you are, I would like you to take a moment and pray this, “God, I need you to help ease my mind. I reject those negative words spoken over me and I receive your love and peace right now. Jesus Christ, thank You for healing me, and I receive Your forgiveness of my sins.” Make sure that when those attacks do come (they will), you remember that they are not true and that your worth more, and made in God’s image to accomplish great things!

How have you dealt with thoughts that were messing with your head, and how did you deal with them? I would love to hear your thoughts, take care my wonderful readers!


7 thoughts on “Gaming With God: Metal Gear’s Beautiful Beasts

  1. I am oh-so excited for The Phantom Pain. I love the MGS series, even though I only played Twin Snakes and Sons of Liberty (though I did watch the others on YouTube just to see what happened — excellent games, all of them).

    One thing I love about the series is how it always humanizes the “bad guys.” But for some rare exceptions (like Col. Volgin), there are very few “bad guys” who are just evil through and through. Most of the time, they have a history; they have a past; they have deep existential wounds that go way back; and even if it gets to be heavy-handed at times, it’s still nice to see in a videogame.

    What troubles me more than anything is not the things said or done to me, but the things I’ve said or done to other people. Every now and then, I’ll say things to someone, maybe even start an altercation that gets out of hand, and then I go away guilty — not just feeling guilty, but actually guilty of hurting people. When that happens, it troubles me for days, perhaps even weeks. So what do I do? Maybe I’ll pray, maybe I’ll confess, maybe I’ll even go to confession, but even then, it doesn’t always help the pain.

    It’s the incurvatus, like Augustine said, being turned in on myself — always in a state of introspection, which, like you said, can be quite a terrible thing — and I’m still learning how to deal with it. Forgiveness is foreign to me; it is a struggle to be forgiven.

    1. Hey there Jo-Shu thanks for the comment.

      I too am looking forward to MGS 5, and you have to try out MGS4 when you can its a great experience, which can’t be said for mamy games….

      Forgiveness can be difficult if we make it difficult. You pointed out some issues that you deal with, and thats powerful in itself. Now you have to take the next step and not try to fix it in your own strength. Admit that you can’t do it on your own, die to your flesh and ask God to heal you. Let His presence wash over you and clean your heart. Out of our heart comes our words, so when He does that inner cleansing your entire attitude and character will be changed. I am a living testimony of that, so am speaking from experience. God bless ya, and hope you keep visiting the Tangles 🙂

      1. Exactly right — it becomes difficult when we make it difficult. (And sometimes, I make it far too difficult.) I’ll definitely keep visiting. I found this site not too long ago, and I think I like it. You people are pretty swell. 🙂

  2. I remember that I highly enjoyed Metal Gear Solid. Such interesting writing! Though, the villains of the original game were insane–it’s just that few people can make insanity appear so sane as a philosopher.

    1. Hey Medieval thanks for commenting 🙂

      I played Twin Snakes for Gamecube, but the yes some of the enemies were…insane. Like Psycho Mantis (hes….psycho) and the raven guy I forget his name. But I did like Sniper Wolf and Ocelot, their personalities were very well written. Great game!

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