Letter From the Editor: Thank You, Hansha, and Farewell!

Dear Readers,

It’s with sorrow that we bid adieu to Hansha, one of our longest tenured writers on Beneath the Tangles, who is stepping down from aniblogging. I’m thankful to have grabbed onto Hansha and her skills at just the right time, during a period when her interest in anime and manga was thriving. We’ll miss her, but certainly wish her continued blessings in her life away from our blog.

One of the things I’ll miss most about Hansha is her kindness and honesty. I think this warm, Christian voice really radiated through in her writings. It’s hard to select her best from the past 3+ years – all her articles are excellent – so here’s just a random smattering of some of her entries I would suggest you peruse:

Good luck, Hansha, and take care!



5 thoughts on “Letter From the Editor: Thank You, Hansha, and Farewell!

  1. This is a wonderful tribute to a talented writer. I regret that I wasn’t able to get to know you better, Hansha, as I’ve only recently found the website and begun writing here, but I’ll be sure to read up on your work. 🙂 Thanks for offering your talents to the site! God bless, and best wishes wherever you go.

  2. Thank you for your contribution Hansha! God bless, and His grace and mercy go with you wherever you go. Never forget that what you labored will bless others, since it is a written work it lives on even years after we’ve written them.

  3. I will miss writing with you Hansha. It has been an honor working with you these past few years. I really appreciated the depths of sincerity and honesty that poured into your writing, despite the stress and struggles of blogging. I hope that where ever you go, you are able to continue speaking with such a clear and beautiful voice. Best wishes to you. You are always welcome write us or with us.
    – Zeroe4

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