Happy Five Years to Us!

A pretty significant anniversary for Beneath the Tangles has come and gone. As of September 12th, this blog is officially five years old! We’ve come a very long way since my first post on the site, as I tried to establish a brand new, unique presence on the web.

I’ve reminisced and reflected on changes for the blog a number of times in the past, so I’ll spare you today. However, I do want to thank our readers, especially those who’ve been with us for months or years, whether you comment or not. Your mere presence is encouraging. We write for you here, as opposed to simply getting our thoughts out for ourselves, so you are absolutely necessary to us.

I also want to encourage those who follow us or support our values and beliefs to consider become a patron of our blog. Any donation would be helpful, though we ask for $2 a month. This small donation is multiplied when added to others and under our careful spending to spread our blog to a larger audience.

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Thank you again, and here’s to another five years!

13 thoughts on “Happy Five Years to Us!

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it has been so long. I am so happy to be apart of this blog. Thank you for letting take part in this journey.

    1. And I’m glad you’re part of it, too! And you were here as a commenter near the very beginning, even before you joined the staff!

  2. Congrats! I’m so glad to have watched this blog grow over the past 2 years; you all have been such an encouragement to me, and even inspired me to do my own writing about anime and faith. Thank you so much for all of the godly and inspiring content, and I pray that you’ll be able to keep going for many more years. 🙂

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