Something More: Born-Again Mewtwo, Christian Manga, and the Last Shoujo Supper

Greetings everyone, Cutsceneaddict here: Tangles’ resident manga columnist (Between the Panels), cosplayer, and sushi-addict. Something More has always been one of my favorite columns at Tangles, and I’m excited to be carrying on the torch. From here on, Something More will only be seeing one post per month instead of its usual two, but my goal is to make them as thorough and streamlined as possible. Without further ado, let’s dive into a month of Mewtwo, Mikasa, Mashiro and more!

Our founder Charles (TWWK) kept Something More (and the whole of Tangles) running like a well-oiled Gundam for years, and I feel it’s only proper to highlight an article of his for this month’s feature: it’s a well-written piece worthy of your time.

Honesty and love are two tenants inseparable from the Christian faith, but they also require an incredible amount of vulnerability to pursue. Love is about giving–of ourselves, our time, our desires, and our emotions–and honesty requires the same amount of soul-bearing. That’s why, oftentimes, it can seem safer to bury both beneath falsities and live a lie, especially when our honesty and love has hurt us in the past.

In his article about Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and BetrayalCharles takes an honest look at both Kenshin and Tomoe’s journeys of transformation, and he hits a key point: that no matter how “safe” it may seem to stay buried in our grief, anger, or insecurities, these act as nothing more than vapor to shield us from our vulnerabilities–vulnerabilities easily exploited by both our human nature and those who would manipulate us; more-so when live a lie (intentionally or otherwise).

It’s not enough to merely turn away from a lie, though. Only through enacting honesty and love can we find ourselves once again, form meaningful relationships, and live for something greater. Love and honesty compose the rock of truth. Standing on that rock requires us to be vulnerable, with ourselves and others, but it is the only alternative to living a lie. Being honest with another person is key in emphasizing our love for them, and it’s only through this expression of love that a true relationship can flourish.

Read Charles’ full article at Geekdom House:

>> Kenshin, Truth, and Love

And now for a plethora of ponderous posts:

Is Mewtwo’s story an allegory of Christian salvation? Japanese Pokemon fans weigh in on the topic, while also discussing ways that anime has shaped their beliefs. [Rocket News 24]

Mikasa Ackerman may be the strongest cadet in Attack on Titan, but her bottled-up emotions actually damage her relationship with Eren and others, bringing to mind ways in which we often try to play the Good Samaritan, rather than admit we’re the wounded person on the roadside. [Christ and Pop Culture]

Today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day, and Naruto has a lot to say about the biblical value of life–including that of the unborn. [Geekdom House]

Our very own Samuru gives high marks to Shelter of Wings, a Christian manga, calling it a cross-over that will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike (though some may not like the creative liberties taken with the angels and demons!) [Geeks Under Grace]

Why would Rei, a Shinto priestess of Sailor Moon fame, attend a Christian school? The answer has less to do with religion and everything to do with prestige. [Tuxedo Unmasked]

In Noragami Aragoto, Hiyori’s forgetfulness of Yato reflects the human inclination to forget God. [Medieval Otaku]

Even a satirical, shonen anime like One Punch Man holds important lessons for Christians; take Saitama’s many misjudgements, for example… [Unnecessary Exclamation Mark]

While Bakuman’s Mashiro and Takagi have only their hard work and luck to rely on in their artistic pursuits, Christians have an even greater confidence in God, Who not only strengthens our godly work for His glory, but also has a plan for it. [Lady Teresa Christina]

Religious Renaissance paintings cross over with shoujo girls in Japanese artist Hiroshi Mori’s latest series of artwork on display in Tokyo. [Japan Today]

As part of the Something More series of posts, Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please contact us to be included.

featured image by 森 洋史 / Hiroshi Mori


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    1. Of course! It’s an excellent piece. To be honest, I think that article may have been the final straw in convincing me to watch Kenshin. It’s been on my watch list for a long while. I think it’s time I dived in 🙂

      1. This is timely, since I’m actually rewatching the series right now with my wife. It’s very dated now, so I think you’ll either find it charming or…just dated. If you do watch, I recommend that you wait until the second arc (Kyoto) finishes before touching the OVAs I wrote about – the impact is much larger that way. And don’t be afraid to drop the third arc – it’s anime only and was so poorly received that the final arc in the manga was never animated. And finally, you might consider reading the manga instead – I’m not a manga person, but even for me, I consider the manga to be better than the anime.

        1. Thanks for that info! I do enjoy my manga, so that may be the route I take, and then go back and watch the anime and OVAs. In either case, I’ll take your advice and save the OVAs until after season 2. Thanks, Charles!

    1. Glad to have your support! We’re excited to be continuing it, too! We weren’t sure if we’d be able to continue this section at first, but from this point on we’ll be posting it once a month every third Friday. If you come across anything you’d like included, be sure to e-mail us 🙂

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