BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

We’re down to our finals of our Anime March Madness. The two remaining series are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Steins;Gate. FMA:B has been crushing each of its opponents in round after round, while Steins;Gate has been having close matches, but successfully winning – the most recent being a one vote win over Cowboy Bebop in the Final Four. Who will win? You can vote at the link here or below!


7 thoughts on “BtT Anime March Madness: Finals

  1. I am dumbfounded that Cowboy Bebop did not make the final round. I just assumed it would coast to victory as the universally recognized “best anime ever.” I also wasn’t aware there was so much love for Steins;Gate here!

    1. I tend to agree, but I’m a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop. That said, it’s an interesting final round! We’ll see how it ends up. For the first time in the competition, I’m concealing the results so we have a surprise next Monday with the final reveal.

  2. Cowboy Bebop was a great show but I’m glad it got knocked out. I’m kind of tired of seeing older shows win these kinds of contests. Hoping to see Steins;Gate go all the way!

    1. Well, then get out the vote my friend! Send people the link to cheer on and support your favorite anime series. I’d love to see this final round get more votes than any previous round!

  3. Still gob-smacked that I never saw Clannad & After Story in the field. Did that really happen, or did I miss it? Talk about your tournament snubs! 😉

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