ACCA: The Effects of Isolation

It’s hard to trust people when everyone is only trying to fit into a collective. If people change when they are around others, how is anyone supposed to know who anyone else really is? Because of their lack of trust, they all keep their true thoughts and opinions to themselves. But this only puts them in danger. If no one trusts each other, they will be alone when they need to help, and because they’re only thinking of themselves, their goals could hurt other people. This is what I think may have happened to the five chiefs in ACCA.


Dowa kingdom is a relatively peaceful country, and ACCA, in general, appears to be a decent organization. Of the districts Jean has audited so far, Jean only uncovered two problems. But if you look past the districts, which are hard to properly analyze as we spend so little time in them, you can see the five chiefs of ACCA, and what a mess they are. They may look calm and sophisticated, but they are terrible at working together. On top of not trusting each other, it seems like one is compelling another unwillingly to help him in a sinister plot, and they’re all so disconnected from each other that the other three don’t even suspect it. They don’t seem to care about anything but their own motives—From what we know, they’re all aware of the situation in Suitsu but not one of them feels sympathy for the people there. They might not be stupid, but their selfishness makes them inept.

Wouldn’t it be so surreal to see a statue of your mother just a little while after finding out she was a princess?

Although this is a rather drastic example, isolation and distrust never bring good in people’s lives. God did not make us to live without others, so when we push them away, there are consequences. It might seem very tempting to look out only for our own interests and ignore the rest of the world, but we can’t live like that. We might survive, at least for a while, but with no one to help us in times of trouble, everything can come crashing down very fast. If we reach out and try to find people we can rely on, even if we never trust them completely, someday we will be glad we did.

At this point, I’m surprised they didn’t already know.

It was nice to have a little more tension in this episode, but I was not terribly impressed with the assassination attempt. I am not surprised the first princess was already planning things, though. It seemed silly that someone with that much power would just sit by and let someone much younger take the throne. At last, we now know who among the five chiefs is the real villain. It had been hinted at, but was cleverly revealed. I am still waiting to know what Jean is going to do, but as there are only four episodes left, either we will find out, or the story will have a boring ending. Thankfully, I don’t think we’ve waited so long for a disappointment.


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  1. Things are getting progressively more interesting. I was also disappointed by the ineptitude of the assassins. What could be easier, for example, than for one of them to have a small and narrow poisoned blade, bump into Lotta on the street, stab her at the same time, say “I’m so sorry,” and keep moving. By the time the assassin was well away from his target and before any bystanders realized what happened, Lotta would be done for, and the princess’s henchmen could report a job well done.

    Of course, I’m happy that Lotta is still alive, but a more rational and effective method than taking her on a drive to an out of the way location would have made for a more exciting episode.

    1. I agree. They could have even poisoned her–she’s pretty trusting, all they would have had to do is offer her a cookie or something and she’d be dead fairly easily. Of course, I can understand the struggle of trying to keep characters alive while still keeping the antagonists somewhat competent, but still! It really shows a lack of foresight.

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