Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

After an exciting, controversial, and very close first round – we are on to the Sweet Sixteen anime series in Round 2 of our Anime March Madness. Based on your votes last week, the current bracket is as follows.

Any surprises? Anyone you are still excited about? Vote now to get your favorite series on to Round 3!

If you can not see the poll above, you can vote via this link.

Vote now and please share! Feel free to jump into the discussion in the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “Anime March Madness 2017: Round 2

  1. I don’t have any problem with a single “Best Anime Ever” poll like this. Indeed, I find it quite fun and realise that it is, in essence, pretty much just a popularity poll as you mentioned before. I will still gladly cast my opinion into the ring.

    However, I do think that in the future, subdividing the topic might be interesting. For instance having a “Best Drama Ever”, “Best SciFi Ever”, “Best Comedy Ever”, etc poll could be interesting. Of course, from a personal standpoint, more specific polls are more interesting because I may learn of shows I’ve never heard of before from them. All of the choices given above are so high profile that even though I haven’t seen most of them (I’m pretty new to anime in general), I still instantly recognise and and am familiar with each one.

    I’m sure you’ve considered something like this, and you probably have reasons for not trying to do something similar. Just my two cents.

    1. Hey AnW – thanks for reading and participating! The point of this is less about “Best Anime Ever” and more to simulate March Madness by asking the readers of the blog what shows they like the most. This keeps the list to just 32 shows to start as opposed to having poll after poll after poll by subdividing and making different brackets for the different for the different subdivisions.

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