Something More: Christian Anime Characters, Death Note Methodology, and the Reverse-Blade Gospel

Hola mi amigos! Samura here, back with another edition of Something More. This month, we have a couple posts that are different than our usual line-up of faith and anime, and more posts than ever! TWWK would like to introduce one of these links:

Thanks, Samaru! I’ll start us off with a really thoughtful piece that’s been burning up anitwitter. Draggle recently wrote an article about Seikaisuru Kado and nationalism in anime. What’s particularly interesting is that he provides context for that discussion by reminiscing about his experiences with nationalism, specifically in relation to his faith and growing up in the church. A warning and an before you navigate: the post is charged with politics (how could it not be?), and besides those assertions, you might disagree with many of Draggle’s beliefs about religion and Christianity. It’s going to challenge you. The encouragement? It’s going to challenge you. Check it out here:

Thoughts on Nationalism in Anime (Inspired by Seikaisuru Kado)

Now on to the rest of this past month’s excellent articles!

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) has been a huge hit, as most of you know. E. Stephen Burnett writes about his experience with the movie, as well as comparing it with the coming of Christ and how life will be after His return. I enjoyed the comparison, especially about hopefully having manga and anime in Heaven… (Christ and Pop Culture)

Rurouni Kenshin is an anime that has been written a lot about here, yet there’s always a fresh perspective to gain from the franchise. Here, Matthew compares how Kenshin shares his values to the movie God’s Not Dead does the same. It’s an enjoyable read that will show that we do not have to insult others to demonstrate who Christ is. (Christ and Pop Culture)

Death Note is all about the questions of what is right and what is wrong. Determining the difference between what we feel is right and what God shows us is correct can be difficult, and Sam navigates that quandary using the anime as a backdrop. (Unsheathed)

This one comes from my own blog! I have not been up to date on writing there for quite some time, but I am trying to rectify that. I wrote about my love for RPGs (Role Playing Games, including JRPGs) and why others should give them a try. Which was your favorite RPG or which one are you looking to play?  (Gaming and God)

On his new blog, Kaze wrote an explanation on how we all communicate with each other, and how Christians should be sharing their thoughts carefully. We are all talking, but not everyone is communicating properly, and knowing the difference is vitally important.  (Nanaca Sakura)

Casey put together a great and well-researched list on anime characters influenced by Christianity. Which ones were you surprised that made the list? (Geekdom House)

RishRaff has a column called “Christianity v. Anime” where he explains how anime has similarities to faith. I always enjoy reading these, including this one on Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume a beautiful (and short!) show that I recommend. (RishRaff Anime Reviews)

A Certain Magical Index is a manga that focuses on nuns, the Catholic Church, and magic? I have never heard of this one but it seems interesting. I hope you enjoy this review of volume II, which includes great detail about how Catholicism is presented in this world. (Suitable For Treatment)

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4 thoughts on “Something More: Christian Anime Characters, Death Note Methodology, and the Reverse-Blade Gospel

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my “Anime Characters you didn’t know were Influenced by Christianity” article! 😀 As I increase my list of “viewed anime,” I hope to revisit and expand the concept in the future.

    1. Yeah it was great! I enjoy reading backstories on anime, since so many times there are concepts that are hidden that aren’t explained. Looking forward to more of these 🙂

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