Pixiv Round-up: June 2017

Here’s this month’s look at fan art from, Pixiv, the Japanese artist site! If you’d like to see a plethora more illustrations, follow our Tumblr account, which focuses primary on fan art. Enjoy!

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All illustrations posted with permission or posted from artists who allow reprints. Links given below:

  1. Uchiha family (art by 一锅玄哥)
  2. Draco and Hermione (art by 一锅玄哥)
  3. Kikyo (art by もとび)
  4. Miku (art by popuru)
  5. Lucy (art by hakire)
  6. Digimon girls (art by Ekita玄)
  7. Naruto (art by )
  8. Yuri (art by Ekita玄)
  9. Girl/cityscape (art by enj!)
  10. Featured illustration by wataboku

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