Something More: Humility in OPM, Pro-Life Ajin, and Mikasa’s Sin

Summer is almost over, but here at Beneath The Tangles we are posting content every week! I hope you’ve been able to check out our First Impressions on the new anime season, along with our usual awesome posts. Below we have gathered some fascinating content for your consumption (yummy!). There’s always “Something More” to whet your appetite for finding God in anime. 

Jasmin wrote an extensive piece on finding Christianity, Catholicism and other religious symbolism in anime. This article stood out to me, not only from the detail and time put into writing it, but all the references at the end. The author discusses the first missionaries to Japan, the history after they came, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trinity Blood and their impact. It’s a thorough breakdown of different ways God has influenced Japan, either through Catholicism or even anime.

Influenced By… Judaism and Christianity – Japan Project

Here’s the best of the rest:

Idols as idols…and as God? iblessall makes a strong argument that the idols of AKB0048 are not only idols as described in the 10 Commandments, but an image not of idols, but of God himself. (Mage in a Barrel)

Allison delves into the scenes where in season two of Attack on Titan where Eren is captured. Some of the characters are confused as to why they were betrayed, but Mikasa wants revenge! Read the article to see how Allison elaborates on sin being a titan in our own lives and how to resolve it. (Christ and Popculture)

Matthew finds some remarkable similarities between how life is portrayed and treated in Ajin, and how society approaches it the same way when it comes to the discussion about abortion, especially in how many switch the narrative to something other than the value of a life. (Thought Disposal)

One Punch Man is a unique show, that is for sure! John from CP reviews the show, talks about Mumen Rider’s bravery to fight impossible odds, and how to put our faith in God when the odds are against us. (Christ and Popculture)

I wrote a piece for GUG about Masamune-Kun’s Revenge, which was a fun anime I watched. Makabe wants revenge on Aki for making fun of him when he was younger, but thankfully God doesn’t take vengeance on us when we sin against Him. Breaking these two concepts down will give you a different view on what it means to take revenge. (Geeks Under Grace)

My Hero Academia is doing fantastic in it’s second season. It’s become one of those “must watch” series, especially for new anime fans. Sam breaks down the fight between Todoroki and Midoriya during the tournament episodes. Then he delves into finding strength even when we are weak through God, who is the strongest of all! (Unsheathed)

Shigofumi is an anime about deceased people, who look the same as when they died, bringing letters from other deceased people to their loved ones. Yeah, that’s the plot. It’s actually pretty interesting, and RiffRaff goes into why they have a “Gospel Department.”  (RishRaff Anime Reviews)

Our former leader, Japesland, submitted a guest post on the game Utawarerumono on Kaze’s blog. He compares the two main characters of the game with Christ and Holy Spirit. I need to play this game…. (Nanaca Sakura)

Yet another staff member, Medieval Otaku, has decided to take a hiatus on his writing until further notice. I for one am looking forward to when he returns. Taking a break is helpful for writers though, I can testify to that. (Medieval Otaku)

Kaze wrote a lengthy, but much needed, post on Christian otaku outreach. It’s a topic that has rarely been discussed, but the author has expressed his frustration on why many Christians don’t completely understand the type of people real otaku are. I found this one interesting! Enjoy. (Nanaca Sakura)


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