Sharing Joy in Anime-Gataris

I barely have time to watch anime these days, but I’m trying to keep up with the Fall series of shows. There are always at least five or six shows I want to watch either out of curiosity or because I want to ride the hype train and see where it goes. Anime-Gataris was one that I just clicked on while browsing through Crunchyroll since it had the word “anime” in the title. I thought that it might be similar to GAMERS, which I am not a fan of since it let me down, by focusing on anime instead of video games.

Newbie has to catch up!

The series starts off with a dream about an anime that is a little odd, and then we get introduced to the main character, Minoa Asagaya, a regular student interested in the genre. She is overheard by another girl, Arisu Kamiigusa, in the class talking about anime. Arisu decides to talk to Minoa about the media, but quickly discovers that she doesn’t know much about it at all! It was fun to see Arisu geek out about different shows, characters, and details. This part reminded me of several conversations that I have seen between staff here at Beneath The Tangles, who know much more than I about certain series. They would go on and on about all the aspects of it, but I was confused as to what they were talking about. It’s like walking into the middle of another conversation, without any references.

This is me sometimes when some of the Tangles staff start talking….

Arisu and Minoa decide to open the now inactive anime club so they can gather others to talk, helping Minoa learn more and see who else likes anime in the school. After advertising in bunny outfits a la The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, four new members join and start talking about their favorite sub-genres. Miko Kōenji likes light novels, Kai Musashisakai acts like he’s a character from a show (like he’s a too-old chuunibyou), and the others haven’t revealed too much about themselves yet. What I enjoyed the most was how they were excited to talk about what they watch, what a “classic” anime is considered to be, and how the show poked fun at some popular anime by slightly altering their titles. For new anime fans, it might be hard to catch some of the lingo, but for those who have been watching for a while, certain scenes will definitely make you laugh.

KaiKai challenges the group!
Re:Zero made a cameo!

When I meet another anime fan, especially if they are much younger, I have to try and contain myself before I burst. I want to start talking about all the new shows I’m watching, mention Beneath The Tangles, what my favorite shows are, etc. It’s rare to meet another fan, and I have not met too many offline aside from the occasional “Naruto fan” who thinks that it’s the best anime EVER!  Hopefully they will see there’s more to the genre than one or two mainstream shows.


These conversations and the ones that take place between the club members remind me of ones I’ve had about God. Whether it was at church, with a friend, my wife, or even hear on Beneath The Tangles, discussing my faith brings out a lot of joy for me! Sure, I love geeking out with others about video games, anime or even comic books, but when Christianity and the gospel are brought up I really want to join in. God has been my obsession since I gave my life to Christ at the age of 17. Having a biblical worldview affects how I use my money, time, relationships, words, and every other area of life. So when I hear others talking about spiritual matters, it intrigues me and I want to contribute my 2 cents.

Hebrews 10:25

not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.

Just as anime can bring people together, so should our relationship with God. For those who claim to be believers in Jesus Christ as Messiah (Savior), it’s only natural to be excited to meet someone else who shares the same hope. The bible says that we are family (1 John 3:1-2), so it’s like finding a brother or sister you’ve never met! I don’t get along with every Christian I have met, and to be honest, sometimes people who aren’t Christian behave more respectfully than they do. Like any family though, we should love each other even with their own faults and misunderstandings. Nobody is perfect.

I hope you check out this very funny and satirical anime. It’s a lot of fun to watch! For me, it reminded me to stay humble and open to learn when I am talking with others. I may not know everything there is about anime, but I am willing to listen and share. I feel that’s the right attitude to have.

-Check out Anime-Gataris on Crunchyroll!


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