Come Join us for 12 Days of Christmas Anime!

I love Christmas. And I love Christmas anime episodes. It’s a bit strange to watch such episodes in the middle of, say, the summer season—and every other series seems to include a Christmas episodes these days—but when I’m watching in December, I can really feel the spirit of the holiday coming through. Nowadays, I even number the Christmas specials from Love Hina, Big O, and others alongside more traditional fare as classics in my home, even if their depiction of the holiday isn’t quite what we expect in the west. Of course, that’s what makes anime fun in the first place, and it’s no different with these episodes.

On Beneath the Tangles, we like to celebrate Christmas with you by counting down the days until the 25th by discussing one episode of Christmas anime each day. Watch along with us if you’d like, or just enjoy our little musings about these episodes. We’re reblogging a post tomorrow that I think will set the tone for the next two weeks, and then jump in with Day #1 on Thursday with a Satoshi Kon classic that I think is reflective of what we try to do here on the site—get to the heart of the matter in a sincere, meaningful way.

I hope you’ll enjoy our march toward December 25th. Merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season from your staff here at Beneath the Tangles!


6 thoughts on “Come Join us for 12 Days of Christmas Anime!

  1. Hi, Beneath the Tangles! First of all, I’m relatively new here, as I just subscribed to you guys a week ago. Second, I’m so glad there is a website just for Christians were we can engage in anime! You’re posts are encouraging, inspiring, and even creative and fun in my opinion. I love how you make some of your posts relevant to the bible and how we should live our life as Christians. I have been drawn to this website by my own senses (and by the Holy Spirit) to keep in touch with you guys, so thank you for everything you do!

    P.S. I’m definitely interested in joining you guys for the 12 days of Christmas anime! 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel – Glad to see you’ve found us! Check out some more in the archives for a better understanding about who we are and what we’re about. While we are a group of Christians and we love talking anime from that perspective, the site is not only for Christians and we are all happy to discuss the spiritual side of anime with our non-Christian friends.

      That said, I’m also looking forward to seeing what my fellow writers come up with in our 12 Days of Christmas Anime! Thanks for joining us!

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