Kino’s Journey ~ The Beautiful World ~ Episode 10: The Authentic You

Kino’s Journey is always good for a surprise and episode ten, as Kino once again takes center stage, packed a big one. I remembered the importance of Sakura, the little girl who serves as Kino’s tour guide through her nation, but I’d forgotten how it all would end.

Another surprise: how often Kino blushed in this episode

The episode begins with Kino telling Hermes that this particular nation had a bad reputation, one that said in every possible way, “travelers are not welcome.” Upon entering, Kino discovers otherwise—the people are tremendously kind in every turn. A bond in formed, also, between Kino and Sakura, whose love for the nation is so great that she aspires to care for her family inn and welcome travelers for the rest of her life.

Of course, that dream goes up in flames.


After the explosion, though, Kino notes something very interesting during a conversation with Hermes. Sakura’s father and mother had tried to coax their daughter to leave as a traveler, to escape the fate of the nation, but were ultimately willing to accept that she would choose not to and ultimately perish with them. Kino admits sadly that she was glad that Sakura didn’t come (the inference is so as to avoid the difficulty in consoling the girl after the eruption). It’s a selfish thing to admit, as Kino states, but an authentic admission indeed.

Are we even willing to ask this question of ourselves?

Last week, I walked from from an expensive meal paid for by my employers downtown here in Austin to my office late at night. On the way, I passed a homeless man sleeping in the cold rain. I wondered why I didn’t offer him shelter, food, something, and though I could justify it, if I would do so even without that which held me back. And I knew the answer to that.

I hang on to my selfishness because I’m unable to change, because often I don’t want to. And that’s the question I have for you this week:

Are you okay with how selfish/selfless you currently are?

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