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While we kick off our 12 Days of Christmas Anime posts in earnest tomorrow, we’ll start off our two-week celebration by reblogging a wonderful post from one of our writers, MRNewman, on his own site, MDMRN. I would be remiss if we didn’t get down to the real meaning of Christmas at least once, as Matthew does it better than I can. Check out his post!

Himouto! Umaru-chan is an anime series based on the manga of the same name about a lazy teenage girl living with her older brother. In public she’s pretty, popular, sweet, and gets good grades at school. At home, she’s a lazy bum who sits around and watches anime, plays video games and is generally a slob. A true discussion of her lifestyle and her two-faced persona may deserve further discussion later. But, for now, let’s talk about Christmas….

In the episode, Umaru describes Christmas as being a celebration of winter. People go out, look at lights, and she wants to stay indoors. Christmas as a celebration of winter is how Umaru views it. As Umaru prepares for Christmas with her brother, she spends her time focused not on Christ, not on the Lord, not on others – but on herself, her attempts to remain lazy, and winter in a generic sense. Lazing about in winter with a day off. That’s not Christmas.

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