First Impressions: Pop Team Epic

Welcome to Pop Team Epic, the show where the skits are all absurd and the plot doesn’t matter! That’s right, the plot doesn’t matter at all, just like that fake-out opening we got for Hoshiiro Girldrop. Here are the main characters, Popuko and Pipimi, now let’s see them wreck absolute chaos!

It was hard trying to find something to review about with this show, given how it is so incomprehensible, even its series director has a hard time trying to understand it. And since it’s also a show that knows and prides itself on being conventionally bad in almost every way, it would be a compliment if I were to call it out on that reason. I will say this, though: Pop Team Epic is not an anime for everyone. If you’re into weird Dadaist anti-humor or memes, you would probably like it. Its crudeness, however, would be a huge turn-off for most of us reading this post.

You can stream Pop Team Epic on HIDIVE, Crunchyroll, Funimation, AsianCrush, Midnight Pulp, and Amazon Video.

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