Anime March Madness 2018, Round 2 (Sweet Sixteen)

Thank you to all who have voted in our first round of Anime March Madness. Based on a compilation of our votes here on the website as well as those on our Instagram and Facebook pages, our bracket has adjusted to the following:

Closest match of Round 1? Sword Art Online vs Your Lie in April, which was decided by a single vote. Biggest blowout? Rurouni Kenshin winning with 79% of the vote in their victory over Kemono Friends. Below are the polls for round 2. Polls will also be opened on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to check them out and like us there as well.

Disagree with the vote? Have thoughts on the finals? Sound off in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Anime March Madness 2018, Round 2 (Sweet Sixteen)

    1. Thanks for voting! Please continue to share as voting will be ongoing until Tuesday. The more voters, the better!

        1. Either way will be a heartbreak as both are excellent, emotionally gripping series. Someone made a brutal bracket for them to be against each other in Round 2.

          Narrator: He was that someone.

  1. I guess I just never understood the appeal of Death Note. Also I’m saddened Relife didn’t make a better showing. Is ERASED a good series? I guess I’ll have to try it

    1. Lots of people, including most of the staff here, liked it. I, however, dropped ERASED when it aired. It’s an interesting mystery series with a time traveling twist, but it wasn’t for me.

    2. Umm…it’s POPULAR haha. There are people that think it’s very, very good, and not just the same people who really only watch popular series. Some of the anibloggers, who might be more critical, enjoy it as well. I liked it, too, but I thought the last portion was too hurried, and that hurt the series. I’ve heard the manga, which goes a little more in-depth, is better.

    3. I’m a fellow ReLife fan! *high five* I really, really enjoyed ERASED. Although the ending did feel a bit weak, to me the rest of the story more than made up for it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  2. ERASED is the series which got me hooked in anime and probably my favorite time travel story ever, even if the later episodes were a bit stereotypical. In the end, is a story of innocence recovered, a theme which resonates with me: the skills, resources and maturity of the adult and the simplicity, humor and hope of the child he was need to come together in a hopeful way. Watching it, I discovered there that the Japanese have a delicate and visually poweful way of portraying pain (child abuse, a sorrow like few others), guilt, vocation and childhood, coupled with a great “guardian of your brother” superhero morality and the original Japanese humor. The metaphor of being there wide awake and with the mission to save in your previously unnoticed everyday environment is a powerful one for me, too. And I always loved child gang stories: the gang was great, too. I won´t deny it has its defects, but it will always hold a special place for me. It was my favorite anime for a time, but it ultimately gave its place to “Now and then, here and there”.

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