Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, readers!

What are your plans for Easter? I’m going to go to church with family and will celebrate there. We also had family devotional time on Friday and will do so again today, to think about and commemorate this time, and had a nice meal yesterday. But then on Monday…on Monday, I’ll go back to work as if nothing particularly special happened.

Even though Easter is the holiest day for Christians, I don’t usually treat it as such. It gets relegated to second status: I might take Good Friday off, but don’t take any extended time, as I do with Christmas. And I don’t count down the days as I look forward to Easter (not unless I’m observing Lent). And while the world around me doesn’t create the sense of excitement around this holiday as it does Christmas, I can’t blame that: I blame a heart that doesn’t fully buy into what I proclaim to be true.

I’ve been in the depths. My life has been in ruins and I’ve made a mess of it. And I’ve known, too, the joy of being released from those burdens, of being set free. But I too often forget God’s goodness, his measure of love that overflows, especially when I’m not spending time with him in prayer, when I’m not searching and studying scripture. And so that sense of excitement that flows through me when I remember God’s love is often forgotten, even on Easter.

What’s incredible is…God died for that sin, too. Even the sin of taking his son’s death nonchalantly, of even forgetting it, was cleansed when I accepted what he did. I’m no better and no worse than any other person, struggling with their own demons. I’m the same as the thief beside him on the cross, who asked for forgiveness for ignoring God in his own life.

This Easter, I hope you’ll spend some time thinking about who you are and who God is. And if you have questions about any of those topics, or want to just chat, reach out to us below or via email. And in the meantime, consider watching the anime short below, developed several years back, which takes the point of view of that thief I mentioned, who represents us all:


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  1. Happy, happy Easter! Well, it´s been certainly a long Lent: I´m likewise back to work as usual, but I hope the new light of this last week will last. You´re right, we´re always oblivious: how brilliant is the new light, and how different is it to live with this hope.

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