First Impressions – Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis

Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis is the prequel to the classic series, Fist of the North Star. It follows tough and consistent smoker, Kenshiro Kasumi, to 1930s Shanghai. He is the 62nd successor of the martial art Hokuto Shinken style, which means the fighter has the abilities to hit vital points on a human being and kill them instantly. When he arrives, he gets in the middle of a turf war between two rival gangs and ends up killing several of the gang members while looking to help his friend, Pan Guang-Lin, and Pan’s sister, Yu-Ling.

I first saw Fist of the North Star when I was in my teenage years, and it was the goriest anime I’d ever seen up to that time. I didn’t know cartoons (I didn’t know what anime was back then) could show so much blood! I did not enjoy watching the rest of it, as I only saw one of the movies and a few episodes. Seeing that there was a new series, just for nostalgia’s sake, I decided to review it. The 3D animation threw me off as I wasn’t expecting it, and it wasn’t anything that great. The whole episode looked like a PS4 3D cutscene. The violence was toned down, but it’s still present, and the plot was confusing as the first episode doesn’t give you much information as to what’s going on. I felt thrown into the middle of a story with nobody to explain anything.

I don’t foresee myself watching any more of this, but for those who enjoy some straight up fighting and violence, this may be a show for you. It just didn’t have anything that special going for it that held my interest.

Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis can be legally streamed at Crunchyroll.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions – Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis

  1. YES! BLOOD AND VIOLENCE! MORE, GIVE ME MORE! … Ahem, I mean, thank you for this helpful first impression. 😸

    1. Will be praying for you Dr Steve lol. Haha, but yeah the anime isn’t that gory…unless you consider faces contorting abnormally and almost exploding? You don’t see all the details but that happens….like after 10 minutes.

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