First Impressions: 3D Kanojo

Tsutsui and Igarashi are polar opposites: he is an otaku whose defense mechanism from years of bullying is to avoid 3D girls at all costs; she is a beautiful girl who has a reputation for dating multiple boys at the same time. When their paths cross in detention one day, it goes as well as expected—meaning not well at all. But could it be that Igarashi is the person he needs to overcome his sheltered, defeated spirit, and can Tsutsui be the genuinely kind person she needs in her life?

Okay, folks, nothing much to see here. The story is retread of dozens of others, with one anti-social kid and one seemingly popular one with her own issues, and it’s not a particularly well-crafted one. But maybe that’s part of its charm? Reminiscent of series like Niijiro Days and To Heart, 3D Kanojo is a little too slow, a little too simple, a little too boring, a series that immediately falls under the weight of any type of analysis. But if it doesn’t try to be smarter than what it is (and if it doesn’t fall into smutty territory, which does seem like a possibility), 3D Kanojo can be like those others—a nice, calm series in the midst of a gaggle of ones with much higher ambition, but much less heart.

stardf29: This is a pretty nice little romance. I think what I liked most about this was how it forces male lead Hikari to re-evaluate his “3D girls are trash” pre-conception and actually look at Iroha for who she really is. This sort of “breaking prejudices” story is always good, and having it done on the otaku’s side makes it all the more relevant. There are some notable issues though, most particularly one part where Hikari stalks Iroha for a bit and even uses that to “save” her from a shoplifting accusation. Still, if the show can focus more on the angle of looking past pre-conceptions to understand who people really are, I think it can be a nice little romance anime. It has strong competition for my limited watchlist spots this season, but even if it loses out, I do like what I got out of it just from this premiere.


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  1. Ok, what’s the context of the subtitle in the image? Because that sounds like a fascinating premise!

    1. Haha, it’s just shade being thrown at our otaku protagonist who had been giving this girl some trouble based on assumptions he had about her.

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