First Impressions: Hinamatsuri

Yoshifumi Nitta is a young man who is part of a yakuza gang, and is living the good life with the acquisition of some valuable vases, when a strange thing materializes out of nowhere and drops onto his head and into his life. Inside is a girl who calls herself Hina and has telekinetic powers, which she uses to effectively force Yoshifumi to take care of her. As Yoshifumi finds himself buying various things for Hina and even sending her to school, Hina finds it odd how he does not seem to be ordering her around like she used to be, even as the two find themselves facing an antagonistic rival gang.

Once again I find myself with one of my favorite types of anime storylines: the one where someone finds themselves adopting a child and taking care of her/him. Sure, the child in this case is a walking psychokinetic weapon, but that just reminds me of last year’s Alice and Zoroku, which was one of my favorite shows last year, so that’s a good sign. Hina seems to be a bit older than most children of such shows, as she seems to be attending school as a first-year middle-schooler, though her unusual and currently unknown background does mean she’s still plenty childish, even with her constant deadpan voice. Making her guarding a yakuza member just makes everything a bit more interesting as Hina gets to interact with a more colorful cast in general, as well as get plenty of chances to get into yakuza-based escapades with her psychic powers. There are some funny moments, too, especially with how quickly Hina takes out the enemy gang, though I’m not a fan of the toilet humor bit after the credits. In the end, what really sold me on this show is Hina’s realization that Yoshifumi actually cares about her, instead of just treating her as some kind of soldier/slave like she was used to; this lays the groundwork for another heartwarming story about family, just with 100% more psychic hijinks.

Hinamatsuri is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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