One Week Left in Our Spring Drive!

It’s the second and final week of our Patreon Drive—thank you to those partnering with us financially! Through your funds we’re able to bring you a variety of posts here on the blog and are able to grow our other platforms. Beneath the Tangles started as a blog only, but in recent years, has achieved greater growth through social media. Some of  you follow us both here and on our platforms, but the vast majority of those who follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram do not, giving us an opportunity to build bridges with otaku who otherwise wouldn’t know about the site.

Still, our hearts and souls are here with the blog. Our writers are committed to developing articles that encourage you to think and respond, and we’re proud of the rapport we’ve built with our readers. As such, we’ve tried to invest in you more by offering special posts throughout the year, some that are holdovers from long ago, but many which are newer to us:

  • 12 Days of Christmas and Holy Week: The Christian holidays are sacred to the writers here, and we hope to bring you along with us in thinking about these special times by diving into Christmas anime episodes in the days leading up to December 25th and by zeroing in one specific theme or anime during the days surrounding Easter.
  • Light Novel Club: One of our newest features, the Light Novel Club gives you an opportunity to join along with us in digging into a form of media we haven’t spent enough time discussing. We got some great comments about our first selection across our different platforms, and we’re eager for even more as we dig into our next one!
  • Anime March Madness: Who says otaku can’t enjoy sports? Our single elimination playoff between anime series has shown us two things: 1) that y’all out there love being part of the voting process, rooting for your favorites and sinking other series and that 2) Fullmetal Alchemist reigns supreme! Sports in also sneaking into our newest project, the Anime Draft, which posts this Thursday.
  • First Impressions and Season Wrap-ups: We love our anime and totally geek out whenever a new season begins, going crazy here on the blog by posting initial thoughts while giving you some guidance about which new series to check out. But we’re also around at end of season to let you know how all these shows panned out.

We are constantly thinking about how to better engage you. If you enjoy what we’re doing here, we ask that you consider taking another step forward and supporting us financially. Just a few dollars a month helps us tremendously as donations enable us to share our thoughts with more and more anime fans. Oh, and did I mention, you could win a nifty Rem figma or Re:Zero light novels? Pledge by Friday to enter!

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