Beneath the Tangles is at A-Kon!

While we’re apt to always focus on anime, the staff at Beneath the Tangles has an interest in all sorts of related media and events, including anime conventions. Recently, staff has attended Sakura-Con and Anime Matsuri, and this weekend, we’ll be at A-Kon in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. For those unaware, A-Kon is one of the biggest anime conventions in the United States, with over 30,000 attendees last year, and we can’t wait to join the crowd!

I’ll be headed there today along with the co-administrator of our Instagram account (Anime Pop Heart), Holly—that’s us in the screen shot below!

charles and holly

Come say hi to us if you see us! And we definitely want to meet you if you’re there, so ping us! I’ll be checking social media through the entire time we’re there, so hit us up in any way you’d like, through IG, Twitter, here on the blog, or even through Tumblr! And if you won’t be there, I hope you’ll look forward to us dropping some anime convention content over the next few weeks here on the blog and on social media!

8 thoughts on “Beneath the Tangles is at A-Kon!

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to an anime convention! But I can’t go this year. Hope you guys have fun!🙂

  2. The highlight of my summer would always be attending the anime convention called Otakon in Baltimore. However, all good things come to an end, as the convention moved to D.C., a place that is not conducive to anime conventions, IMO. Oh, well ! There are many other anime conventions to attend !

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