Restful Anime

I like cute kitty anime. There, I said it. I’ve watched most of Chi’s Sweet Home and Chi’s Sweet Adventure with my kids as well as Mitchiri Neko and Bananya. Also, Nyanbo. And…you get the idea.

Each of them are generally short form anime and each of them are relatively calming. They’re not trying to push a major, overarching narrative apart from…the slice of life of various types of cats. In each case, they are relatively restful anime.

I know most of the anime out there (and much of what I watch) is usually action packed. However, setting time apart with cute kitty or slice of life anime can be good and relaxing.  It can help you feel restful.

Rest is important and Biblical. The Bible calls on us to take a day of rest from the world. The Lord wants us to spend it in worship, but also relaxing. Christ gave us many examples of Himself stepping away from it all and resting. These moments of rest can help you relax from the many stresses of everyday life, but also help you to introspectively think upon yourself, your life, and the Lord.

Anime like the ones I’ve discussed are a good way to help one rest. They are simple. They are calming. They can help you relax from the feeling of burden laid upon you by the world around you. Allow yourself that time to rest. Consider that a command.


9 thoughts on “Restful Anime

  1. Yay! I love rest/restful anime! I love just plain かわいい(cute!) アニメ(anime!) in general! ニャ!(Nya!) (^◇^)
    P.S. I love cats, but I don’t see/spend a lot of time with them in real life; only one of my friends has a cat, but I don’t see her very often.
    So mainly dog vibes for me (but I swear cats are equally cute ah!)
    Ok I’m done.

    1. Awesome! Restful and relaxing anime is good times.

      Hey, no worries. Some people love dogs, some love cats, and some people love them both! It’s all good either way.

  2. Barakamon, Non Non Biyori and Kiniro Mosaic fit the bill for this genre for me. The first two make me want to move away to the country and forget my obligations.

    1. Absolutely. More relaxing, laid back anime are good things to help us unwind. And unwinding is important!

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