First Impression: Run with the Wind

Haiji Kiyose has finally done it—he’s found the “10th member,” the final person to fill out the dormitory where he and eight other unique young men live. But who is Kakeru Kurahara, a young man with a name that seems to precede him, and why would Haiji want him to live at the dorm, especially since he met Kurahara during a shoplifting incident? It all seems to be connected with Kurahara’s running ability, and soon, the other eight young men will discover that running is part of their future as well.

Run with the Wind, at first blush, seems a lot like Free!, but with more butts (I counted three in episode one?). But I got the impression that this isn’t some imitation, and that indeed, like Free!, this series has some depth. I’m wildly interested in learning more about Haiji, with his passion for running, and Kakeru, whose background will certainly become significant. I also enjoyed what felt like Honey and Clover vibes, with an opening scene reminiscent of that series opening, with men in a dorm, and the feeling that through this college experience, these young men are going to discover something very important about themselves.

Run with the Wind can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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