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Dear Friends,

Over the last three years, Beneath the Tangles has made great strides toward its mission of bridging the gap between anime fans and the Christian faith. Our staff has grown, with dedicated volunteers who love to indulge their passion for anime, manga, light novels, and visuals novels, while also sharing their lives and faith with readers and followers. And our social media accounts have blown up, with more the 10,000 followers on Instagram, tens of thousands on Tumblr, and hundreds and thousands more on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve been blessed to be able to show our passion and demonstrate who we are to an ever-growing audience.

All this has been possible through our Patrons and other benefactors, whose contributions have allowed up to expose our brand to audiences that have never heard of us, develop content that appeals to varying groups in the anime fandom, and keep our site and ventures running. But as we grow, we request further assistance to help us continue to realize our vision. Would you consider helping us today?

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Through Patreon, you can provide a monthly donation to our site. We have levels as low as $2 (genin level), while a $10 monthly gift will also result in you receive an annual gift from us. These amounts seem fairly small, but I assure you that, added up, they go a long way. A recent campaign of about $20 resulted in hundreds of new subscribers for us—that’s only two months of donations at our “jounin level” to bring a brand new group of anime fans into the fold!

And we realize, too, that whatever amount you give is worth a lot to you. We all have our individuals lives and struggle to decide how and where to spend our limited funds. We’re thankful that you’re considering supporting us, and we consider all of you partners—whether you pray for us, comment on our articles, like our posts, or help fund what we do. Thank you so much. We couldn’t do what we do with you.

Please consider donating to us today and becoming a patron for Beneath the Tangles. Thank you, and take care.


Charles (TWWK)
Director, Beneath the Tangles

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Featured illustration by 樹キキ (reprinted w/permission)


7 thoughts on “Become a Patron and Partner with Beneath the Tangles

    1. I don’t think Patreon takes one-time payments, but you are most welcome to give a one-time donation through Ko-Fi. That account was made for our Instagram account, but the funds ends up going toward our whole Beneath the Tangles ministry.

      Thank you!

      1. Maybe take money out of my bank account to pay digitally. I’m still deciding whether or not to donate.

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