RESULTS: Anime March Madness 2019 Round 3 (Elite Eight)

Each Saturday, we’ll do a quick recap of the week’s results. Come back on Monday for both a detailed rundown of how the round went and the polls for the next round!

Shounen / Popular Region Finals

(1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, 57% def (2) My Hero Academia, 43%

Critical Darlings Region Finals

(5) Cowboy Bebop, 54% def (3) One Punch Man, 46%

Staff Favorites Region Finals

(1) Your Lie in April, 58% def (6) Toradora, 42%

2018 Anime Region Finals

(2) Violet Evergarden, 60% def (1) Fairy Tail, 40%

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  1. Last night, me and Fiona and her youth group went to a big Christian concert called Winter Jam! Some of the artists/bands included Hollyn, Mandisa, Ledger, Newsong, Rend Collective, and more! It was really fun! The only downside is that we didn’t get to see Newsboys because we had to leave early.

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