First Impressions: Are You Lost?

Are You Lost? is a short-form (12 minutes per episode) series about a group of four girls who are lost on a deserted island. It begins with our main cast waking up on the island following a plane crash. The four girls are together as we pan through pantie shots, their thighs, and their wet clothes. The episode follows the four of them coming to grips with what happened with a few (albeit pervy) gags along the way.

The focus of the first episode is our crew finding their way to shore and trying to find water. Homare Onishima has a survivalist for a father and is incredibly capable at survival. The rest of the girls are not sure; however, they are ready to follow Homare’s lead if it keeps them alive. While the series appear to have a primary focus on gag/ecchi humor (at one point a girl tries to pee in another’s mouth to prevent them from dying of thirst), there’s a certain gravity to their situation that may lend itself to interesting storytelling. Will this series be watchable or instead be a series of jokes with teen girls in various states of undress? I don’t know, but the first episode had me invested in their survival, so I plan to keep watching a few more episodes.

Are You Lost? is streaming on Crunchyroll.



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