First Impressions: Magical Sempai

Do you like magic or the art of illusion? Our unnamed male main character…doesn’t really, but just entered to a new school and is required to join a club. That’s when he stumbles into a classroom where the school’s magic club is meeting. There he meets the entire magic club. Which is one person—the titular, cartoonishly large breasted, female Sempai. The episode begins awkwardly continues to progress awkwardly from there. Based on a gag manga of the same name, Magical Sempai, is a ridiculous case of awkward and uncomfortable situations that our “Assistant” main character gets himself into with his Sempai.

The first 12-minute episode of this show has four gag situations. Each one has our main male character have awkward moments with his Sempai including wet t-shirts, pantie shots, a tied up Sempai, and lots of jiggling breasts. This is a borderline ecchi gag series where a largely incompetent, but incredibly confident female lead’s breasts are made to be the star of the show. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend the series to our audience.

Magical Sempai is streaming on Crunchyroll.



2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Magical Sempai

  1. I remember reading the description of this series on Crunchyroll and immediately thought, “Yeah, that show is going to be all about the fan-service/ecchi situations”. Your article, and even the picture you picked for the article, confirmed it all. Steering clear of this one.

  2. You are 100% correct Guida. I like to try out shorts cause of the fact that it doesn’t take up much of my time compared to full length shows. This one sounded like fan-service and it was. This is one of those if it quacks like a duck…it is one situations. There’s not much to it apart from that, so yea – hence my non-recommendation.

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